Thursday, January 19

He's a regular Einstein...


I went to the Einstein Exhibit at the McWane Science Center this afternoon. I understand that this is a travelling exhibit; if it comes to a science museum near you I highly recommend it.

In 1925, Einstein joined Mahatma Gandhi and other prominent pacifists in signing a statement opposing mandatory military service. The statement read, in part,

It is our belief that conscript armies, with their large corps of professional officers, are a grave menace to peace…. Barrack life, military drill...and deliberate training for slaughter undermine respect for the individual, for democracy and human life.

In addition, Einstein:

Publicly resisted
the McCarthy Army hearings and told other scientists to refuse to testify.

Warned Roosevelt that Hitler was gonna make a bomb first if we didn't. Yet worked the rest of his life for nuclear disarmament.

Was investigated by J. Edgar Hoover as a suspected commie. (This alone wins him the Blue Gal medal of honor.)

Never wasted time arguing against the existence of God or for the superiority of his own intellect.

Worked tirelessly for education, and was instrumental in the creation of Hebrew University and Brandeis University (Blue Gal's alma mater).

A man worth celebrating.

Course, if you want to skip all this hippie commie crap and just picture Einstein with the hair of Snoop Dogg, go here.

PS: Kudos to The Center for Constitutional Rights for defending the prisoners at Gitmo, getting spied on by our President (what, again?) and suing him as a special parting gift. CCR was founded by William Kunstler, another goddamn commie Jew who defended the Chicago 7 and a lot of other unpopular types and was spied on by the FBI jest for fun. I think Bill would be proud of his legacy.


  1. If I weren't a commie UU, I'd be a commie jew - that's why I married one 34 years ago (vbg). And we don't even have to get into the first christian churches being communistic endeavors, do we?

    Ah history - how you've been violated...

  2. Yay! Commie UUs Unite!

    The only thing you have to lose is...your own conception of loss and respecting the worth and dignity of many different, unique, and no less valid conceptions of loss.

    Mommy, Mommy, I want an FBI file too!

  3. All the cool kids have been under a covert government investigation, why not me?

  4. You forgot to add his significant achievement vis a vis Marilyn Monroe.

    Hey, some things are important to little, hairy, intellectual Jews. Einstein gives us hope.

  5. You are now blogrolled, too, babe...

    And on your p.s. for William Kunstler...many years ago, this man had a cat with the best cat name ever, Thumper Thunderpussy!

    Some of us old communist hippies have too long of a memory for some of the most mundane bits of this will help you with your porn searches!
    Princess Wild Cow


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