Friday, January 13

Best Bible lesson ever


You really need to listen to this. The whole thing. The truth will set you free...and remember too this important lesson:


image courtesy of Paper Napkin who along with the Omnipotent Poobah is the latest addition to the Blue Gal sidebar. Welcome, kids.

Have a nice weekend and keep the faith. BTW Blue Gal is an Alito-free zone; turns out you can listen to too much NPR.


  1. I can never understand how it is these rabid [pseudo] Christian types will quote the Bible to support their own personal beliefs. Yet they choose to ignore what they don't want to acknowledge. Such as the fact that the Ten Commandments says adultry is a sin. They don't mention homosexuality but they do mention adultry. Yet time after time, we hear of those upstanding Christians will commit adultry.
    Why don't they condem adultry and slam adulterers? Because that would cut into their own little lives.
    Of course this 'Don' guy seems to miss the point that Brokeback Mountain is an R rated movie and NO child should be seeing this movie.

  2. Well, I tend to avoid shellfish myself. I mean, they're bottom feeders. Can you imagine what they've been eating? And they're really giant bugs. If lobster's so great, why not start off with a nice plate of dung beetles?

    Yep, ol' Jehovah got that one right. No doubt about it.

  3. God I hate when yu resort to scare tactics to get me to comment. I'm not falling for it anymore! Oh wait I just. . . .Doh!!!!

  4. Blue Gal,

    Thanks for the linkage. In your honor I'll also bestow you with a Jr. Poobah link.

  5. Right now, this ass hat's book ("Darnia's Quest") has two reviews over at Amazon. Quote:

    "Quite Simply the best Christian Book for kids out there right now. It has adventure, romance, and a plot so thick that you'll want to read it again and again. If your child reads Harry Potter, get them hooked on the Dar's Quest series--then they'll leave Harry."

    Average rating based on two reviews: 4 1/2 stars.

    This is a guy who has slammed the Harry Potter books without reading a single one.

    The question I pose to you all: WWJGD?

    Jesus' General would know what to do. He'd head over to Amazon and post a fake review.

    Here I go. Let's see if Amazon picks it up.

  6. Thom Hartmann is my new hero.


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