Wednesday, January 11

Imitation is the sincerest...huh?


I don't mind if Intous (goddess) wants to copy one of my posts. It's deeply flattering. But when some Asian pseudo-hipsters name their blog Panties Panties Panties it may be time to call out the lawyers.

Are you wondering if Panties times 3 is safe for work? Congratulations! You are so very fired. [tip of something tasty to my friend (yes, please) the equally unsafe Figleaf.]


Above from the always brilliant Toothpaste for Dinner.


  1. Is it just me or does that girl in those pictures look to be about 12 or 13? I mean there's pigtails and all.

  2. Wanda, one thing I've learned is that when you think "is it just me?" it is never just you.

  3. Ah yes, breaking company internet policy... I have sinned(!) they said when dismissing me. Gee, and I'm such a NICE person too, why the heck was I looking at the Jack Daniels site and booze ads on e-bay? Could it possibly have been because the "big guy" wanted a commemorative bottle to use as a gift? No matter! I sinned... (hanging my head as I open my unemployment check)

    slightly off topic but I needed a vent this morning - thanks, BG!

  4. She's actually mid-thirties and really into yoga.

  5. Looking like that, she could be in her mid-sixties and really into Rod McKuen poetry for all I care.

    Big thumb's up.

  6. Yeah, but could she be into Celine Dion? That's my limit.

  7. Celine Dion? Ew. I won't do extraterrestrials.

  8. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Guess it's automatic hell now that limbo's gone ...


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