Saturday, January 28

Would I do anything Douglas Hoffman asked me to?


This is important. Stop reading my blog and do what matters.


  1. I doubt you'd do anything, but I certainly appreciate that you did this.

    Now come back to my blog and help me with my parenting problem, too ;o)

  2. Honey, I think there's very little that you would deign to ask that I would deign to refuse.

  3. We signed that petition yesterday, Blue Gal. And two others as well.

    Since you added us to your blogroll and we added you back, I came yesterday and looked around your blog. I liked what I saw. You have a very good sense of humor as well as some good ideas, and that's important.

    I noted with sadness that the only ones who acted for Jill Carroll were quakerdave and us. We're Quakers too. We'll keep Ms Carroll in our thoughts and prayers as we have been doing, both for her and all the others in harms way in this war.

    And don't worry. Quakers are not evangelical at all. Take care, and enjoy your weekend.

    The Platypus Pool

  4. I called my two senators as soon as the MoveOn message hit my box, and apparently before their voicemails glutted. I like the idea of contacting all the sentaors, too. Strength in numbers appeals to this math-lovin' chick!

  5. *pumps angry fist at sky*

  6. Signed. I'd do anything for Blue Gal!


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