Monday, January 16

Yummy yummy...


Kathy over at What Do I Know? is helping put together a bloggers cookbook to benefit Doctors without Borders. Excellent cause.

But one blogger wrote in to ask:

Do they have to be tofu-based, or can they be real recipes that include pork products?

Hey, as long as the pork is from factory farmed newborn piglets and served with a lobster cheese sauce I'm sure the liberal blogosphere will thank you.

And for the kosher types we can have some gazelle and giraffe recipes. (They both ruminate and have cloven hooves. I looked it up.)

The PETA people? Oh yeah. Print only with soy ink so they can eat the book.

If we can't put together a charity cookbook without offending everybody, how are we gonna elect a congress? This year? Huh?


  1. Another reason why I always argue that if the Big Guy (insert your choice of deity or Darwin here) ahd meant for people to be soley vegetarian we would only have molars.

  2. Are factory farmed newborn pigs somehow less bothered by being used as food?

    "If we can't put together a charity cookbook without offending everybody, how are we gonna elect a congress?"

    I'm not sure we can. Do either.

  3. I take exception to that.

  4. What makes you think there will be an election this year? Didn't you ever hear of the flu pandemic? There will be mandatory quarantines and public meetings will be banned for health reasons.

    And if that doesn't work, The Big B (for basta**) will simply decide his presidential powers allow him to make recess appointments to fill all the congressional spots vacant.

    Geesh - get with the program, will ya'?

  5. I think we need to take the same approach with Congress and the cookbook: at least no pork rinds.
    Thanks for visiting The Pansi Files, from one blue gal in this dang red state to another.


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