Monday, January 30

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for January 30


Congratulations to Paul the Spud of Adventures of the Smart Patrol, for his lovely post, "Blindsided. Again." A great many bloggers have commented on Condi's lack of, how can we help but be ironic here, intelligence regarding the Hamas win in the Palestinian elections. But Paul puts this stupidity in a larger perspective, with grace, directness, and most impressively, without a single shoe joke.

Regular Blue Gal readers know that the Don't Sugarcoat It award is for direct, frank, and not necessarily obscene political discourse, usually directed against the current administration.

Paul the Spud sums up the current administration this way:

You've got to wonder how they find their fucking front doors and make it to work intact.

Blue Gal does not claim to be a complete authority on obscenity. She was actually checking out her own blog today when someone noted from a remote computer that her screen had an obscenity on it and shut down the public machine she was using. This is not on the same par as being spied on by Halliburton, as those lucky ducks at the Platypus Pool were, but hey.

So here is Blue Gal's primer on one obscene word. Perhaps this will become a regular feature. We'll see.


Used appropriately in a sentence (should not cause spies to shut down public computers)

Wow, trying to control the make-up of the Supreme Court when you've already lost the White House and the Senate sure is a motherfucker.

Those internet spies at Halliburton. Whatta buncha motherfuckers.

INAPPROPRIATE use (feel free to shut down my computer now)

Yo, internet spies at Halliburton! I hope while you're spying on my internet, a drunken Iraqi terrorist fucks your mother!

The last sentence there is not nice, people. Be nice with your obscenities, and you may win an award.


  1. Blue Gal, if you liked the Halliburton spying you'll love the CIA and DOJ spying.

    They hit us on December 28, both on the same day. Here is the link to the article on the blog I wrote for them. The screencaps from the sitemeter welcoming my unespected visitors are behind the cut.

    Since I felt that I couldn't do enough to thank all of my visitors, I posted links to both the CIA and DOJ visits and the later Halliburton visit on the Democratic Underground. That way, a number of people can enjoy their sneaking around.

    I also thought that everyone should share what the government is doing with their tax dollars.

    Why, with mine they are donating charitible giveaways to Halliburton in a variety of locations, as well as spying on me twice in one day from two separate intelligence gathering entities.

    I have no idea how or why they started. Maybe it's because I'm a Quaker. That would be a bit disquieting, because while I know they spy on us as a matter of course, I never referred to being a Quaker anywhere on our board or blog.

    That would mean I'm probably talking to them on my phone all the time. Always a cheery thought. I wonder what their thoughts on my sister's menopause are?

    Or perhaps they are just sweeping the Internet looking for anyone who dissents against the war or the government. They're such fun guys, who knows?

    Hedgehog from Platypus Pool

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Thanks! Does this mean I win free tupperware? Or a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, the SanFrancisco Treat?

  3. I still don't get it. Is this correct usage, or not:

    Blue gal writes a motherfucking good poem.

    Thanks ;o)

  4. Go to the comments section here to read the poem he's talking about, kids.


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