Thursday, January 5

Oh there's that Blue Gal
gay agenda thang again...

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Sorry, Blue Gal can't stop laughing. "Philadelphia: Get your history straight, and your nightlife gay." The Philadelphia travel guide, Navigaytor? WTF? Oh, ma hunnies, go all the way and see the commercial here. (mpeg)

Now I do not claim to be an expert in these things, but this ad campaign has all the desperate looks of being made by straights. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Blue Gal was all bent outta shape when in gettin' back to Birmingham, Brokeback Mountain still is not playing here. Censorship! Grab my rainbow flag and off to the cineplex to protest? I mean, look at this chart, which shows exactly what the south is all about:

with love to Local Tint

But wait, it wasn't playing over Christmas in Port Townsend, Washington either. And that's the kind of town to have that movie first as a point of pride, where even the McDonald's is morally obligated to have gay cowboy toys in the Happy Meals. So what gives? Oh. It's all capitalism's fault. Figgers. We can't just want to see this movie, we have to wait so long and want it so bad that we're willing to kiss a same sex partner our own selves just to qualify. Plus pay for a babysitter.

Finally, those internet survey makers better be more careful. Asking four year olds their gender...I am a girl...I am a boy...I don't know? Here is an area where I am an expert: gender confusion in four year olds is impossible. They just pull down their big girl underpants and show you. Oh, there I go mentioning panties again.


  1. Eric Cartman from South Park--

    Independent film is all about gay cowboys eating pudding.

  2. It'll start playing here next week...

    ...not that I'd even THINK of going, though. (American movies tend to make me scream "we're not all that dumb! STOP THAT!" - which is embarrassing in a small town)...

  3. Three cheers for panties!!!

  4. Panties, eh? I'll have to try that. God knows a photo of my wife's bent arm (mislabeled "buttcrack") generated zero hits.


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