Friday, January 27

Have a great weekend...

image from Paul the Spud.

Here's all you need to have a great weekend:

Music: Two words: Sp3ccylad. Podcast.

Food: Who could pass up "Gay and Good Kebabs c. 1961"? Be sure to check out all of Jam Handy's fabulous recipes.

Fun: If your weekend turns out to be that good, you can confess it to the world anonymously at BlogAnon.

PS. If you pray, continue to do so for Jill Carroll. I feel led to think about the 23rd Psalm this weekend, but maybe you'll do something else. (Note to Bible promoters on the web: faith and kitsch are not the same thing...most Bible verse screensavers are just. plain. wrong.)

Now who exactly would goaltend against Jesus Christ?


  1. What an odd statuette. I always saw Jesus as a goalkeeper: after all, Jesus saves.

    I'd remark on the podcast, but that would be impossibly solipsistic. Shall I just say "ta"?

    I shall. Ta, m'dear. Hope people enjoy the insight.

  2. Blue Gal,

    I think Devo would take that handy little hatchet he has and cleave George's thick head.

    No wait, that was just a dream I was having.

    Good weekend to you as well.

  3. I'd slide tackle him just to show who's the boss!!!! Then I would bounce the soccer ball off his forehead. Not Jesus but the little kid! :-)

  4. I'd do my job; tend the goal.

  5. Thanks for the Jam Handy link. I posted a recipe tonight, too (for fesenjan) ;o)


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