Monday, March 3

Blog Against Theocracy on Easter Weekend

I collaborated with Tengrain of Mock, Paper, Scissors, who also has a great description of the event at that link. He's terrific. The original image is from here and I have my Dad to thank for sending me that bit o' historical Quaker goodness.


  1. The image didn't come through in the email, so Ten sent it to me last night. Looks GREAT! Thanks for doing this again!


  2. Whew - for a second I had a bad moment there, thinking that Easter was THIS weekend! Ya see, this weekend I'm going to be... um... busy.

    If you're in Victoria, come on by!

  3. oh, i'll have something.

    you betcha.

    i didn't get an e-mail about it yet tho.

  4. count me in!! looks great!

  5. Anonymous6:33 PM

    if you have me in your send-outs as commander[dot]other[at]otherwhirled[dot]com, i got tired of the redundancy a while back and dropped the [dot]other part.


    i suppose i SHOULD have made an appropriate alias for that, though. i will do so.

    when i first heard about the blogswarm against theocracy last year, this was the first image that came to my mind. my adoptive grandmother preserved several of those stamps. i think this is a wonderful use of that imagery!

  6. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Sweetheart, The Flushing Remonstrance wasn't quite about Quaker goodness, but about a group of Englishmen who stood up against Peter Styvantson (sp?) and would not take his orders to shun them. The Quakers are goodnesses though.


  7. I had already told Tengrain, I am in.

    Now Dad seemingly knows best, but I thought the Flushing Remonstrance was about the Quakers???

    I posted about it as the document was on display here in the farthest reaches of Smalbania... where is that link?

    One is here and another is here.

    Sorry I missed the salon tonight, had to work til 9.30 or so, now that I am actually self-employed, the hours are not always so good!!

  8. Excellent!! Count me in!

    I'll put the announcement up in the morning.


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