Thursday, January 12

Blue Gal on Brokeback...


Blue Gal finally saw Brokeback Mountain at the one theatre in Birmingham to show it.

I was not disappointed. But the fourteen feet of toilet paper I scarfed from the Cineplex's bathroom before the show was not needed. I thought it was gonna be a real sobfest, but I cried more, much more, during the recent Pride and Prejudice than I did during this one.

What everybody (except Gene Shalit, and really, did you ever take him seriously as a reviewer?) says about it being a love story and you forget that it's two guys but you remember the love and the relationship is totally true.

I predict it will win the best picture Oscar, 'cause Hollywood would love to send the Bible Belt a message after the Reddy-Whipping of the Christ movie, and also because Ang Lee has a worthy body of work to reward and it's probably his time.

Speaking of messages, we've gotta give a Don't Sugarcoat It honorable mention to the weblog Christian Dissent for their lovely comment to Pat Robertson, "God is not an asshole, you are."


  1. Is Gene Shallit still alive?

    I made up for you in the crying department. I was still weepy three days after seeing the movie. Then I started thinking about all those "paddling" trips to Montana that GHIW takes with his buddy Phil. Hmmm . . .maybe a well-placed "bring home a pretty rock for my garden" note, tucked beneath a flotation bag is in order.
    And, no, "paddling" and "flotation bag" are not dirty code words. It's just the way whitewater boaters talk. For real.
    What we never say is panties, panties, panties.

  2. I haven't seen the movie, and probably won't. Not because of the gay aspect but because of the cowboy thing. I never liked cowboys. Still don't. Maybe it's because as a child I was force fed shows like Bonanza and Gunsmoke (yes reruns). The only cowboy who ever appealed to me was The Virginian and if I found out he was gay I'd be super pissed. Again not because of the 'gay' thing, but because I wanted him for myself!! I must have married him at least a dozen times in my girlhood dreams.

  3. I have to get to the Rave to see the movie before it disappears. I'll take tissues just in case.

    And that Pat Robertson comment? Classic!

  4. Since I had a genetic imperative to do so, I also saw this movie at our single movieplex. More than anything, I just found it l-o-n-g.


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