Tuesday, January 17

Blue Gal's bippity bloggity blogroll rollup

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AL, I love your new digs, and this is your best. post. ever.

If Brokeback an' Walk the Line jest didn't give you enough tragedy and tears, this oughtta do it for ya.

Question: Why do we girls de-Barbie our Barbies?

Answer: 'Cause we're artists, that's why.

Hillary Clinton sure is articulate for a white woman.

Democracy Cell Project knows the difference between hope and despair.

And Shakespeare's Sister's got the reason for the season.

So happy it's Tuesday. Oh, and Audrey is officially potty trained. Have a great day.


  1. Thanks for the complement, BG. Audrey's news is, of course, the best - for both of you.

  2. The day Nancy Leigh was finally potty-trained was one of the milestones of my life - I performed the ritual 'burning of the huggies' ceremony. Of course, after 12 years of diapers, the dogs start to go incontinent (sigh)

  3. The Blue UU Hymnal has the tune as #215, the Gray one has it as #114 - the appropriate lyric in this case starts as "No more dirty diapers, Audrey's potty trained..."
    Let's face it, Forward Through the Ages (Onward Christian Soldiers) never sounded so good :)

    Don't you think a march around the neighborhood making the announcement is appropriate?


  4. I'm kind of glad the guy in the Mexican restaurant didn't understand me:

    He: Your daughter, very sweet. How old?

    Me: Three, and she pee peed in the potty!

    So, yes, marching around the neighborhood, the internet, etc. totally appropriate.

  5. Thanks for the link.
    In our house the mutilation came about because Barbie looked trashy and dumb.
    But we prefer to call it a high-fashion makeover.

  6. I haven't potty trained anyone in over 20 years. Still the memories can bring about nightmares.


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