Tuesday, February 10

Gaza? Valentines Day? FUNNY!?! (VIDEO MASHUP)

Here's my 45 second promo spot for Valentines for Palestine. I hope you like it.

As always, feel free to steal this for your own blog. That's always welcome. And thank you.


  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I applaud your concept, it like giving a gift to UNICEF for Xmas.

    However at some point will Valentines day be renamed:
    National Put Out Day.

    It seems if a woman receives some cheap trinket she is obliged to engage in sexual congress with the male of the species.

    This hearkens back to old conundrum when a man asks a woman if she will sleep with him for a Million dollars, she replies in the affirmative, he then ask if she will have sex for 1 dollar, she replies negatively by stating "what to take me for". "Madam we have established what you are, now we are negotiating price."

    Fuck Hallmark days


  2. Don't forget the converse of that, OG, National "if my man forgets I'll kill him" Day. That's the meme I've seen on advertising this year more than others. "Oh God, if I don't come home with the chocolate, I might as well say my prayers, she'll go all postal on me."

    It's such a silly artificial holiday. I don't know any couples, who really and truly love each other, who give it much attention.

  3. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Was that Pachelbel Canon In D I heard in the background? *G*

    Very clever concept . . . . sex sells, still, I guess.


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