Thursday, February 26

Happy Birthday to my FIVE year old

Light posting today I must rush about smartly accomplishing cupcakes. This photo is from younger years, and of course her sister is not to be outdone in the Fancy Department.

She is the baby, though, and I hear "Mommy?" from her more than the other two combined. May I never forget the blessing in that, while the forty-fifth "mommy?" of the ten-minute car ride to school sometimes makes me sigh, just a bit.

Happy Birthday, sweetie.


  1. yes, happy birthday! they grow so fast. mine is soon to be 36. my little sweetie will be 5 in may.

    time really does go faster than when i was young.

    hugs for all.

    cupcakes, hooray.

  2. Ooo birthday cupcakes are the best!

    And 5 is a great age! Lucky you!

  3. Happy Birthday, Blue Gal daughter!!! I love your style! Cupcakes for all....

  4. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Great shot. Great shades. Nice moves.

    Hope it's a grand day.

  5. Happy Fifth, little lady. I like cupcakes, too, but cake is better.

  6. Indeed, a happy birthday to the young lady.


  7. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl.

    My little guy just celebrated his fifth, it was on Feb. 18th. His big sisters are 12 and 9.

    All the best.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, BG's five-year-old!

  9. Huzzah! Now that's panache!

  10. Did you say cupcakes?


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