Monday, February 2

Her Majesty said she understands....

Been far too busy this weekend, even to think about England. I'm working on another movie and backing up this blog to Wordpress again (thanks for the reminder, Helen and stash).

How to:

Setup a site, if you haven't already.
From the Wordpress dashboard, go into Manage -> Import. Select Blogger.
Go through the prompts to authorize access to your Blogger site.
Choose your blog and click the 'Import' button. It shows you the progress of importing posts and comments.

Finally, if you just can't get enough Blue Gal, I also did the round up for Mike this morning. And I'll have my contribution to Blogroll Amnesty Day tomorrow.

Skype Salon tonight. Hope to see you there.


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    what if you're on Typepad like me?

  2. typepad, too, according to wordpress. I haven't tried that, though.

  3. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl, but she don't have a lot to say.

    Where's my bellyful of wine?


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