Wednesday, February 18

Wapo must suck on purpose... all I'm saying. As I commented elsewhere, someone high up at Wapo really hates the new business model and has decided they will allow nothing but crap on their op ed page forever until the paper dies in three weeks or so. It's clearly a conscious decision. Hiring Kristol just made it obvious.


  1. They've been printing "nothing but crap" since they decided to make Clinton's weenie an impeachable offense in the 90's. Okay - (if you insist) really since the 80's when Reagan's masculine ascendance started them quivering hard(ly).


  2. Anonymous9:12 PM

    And I, for one, look forward to their demise. As long as Froomkin is safe at the dot com site.

  3. funny you should mention that: just got a rejection letter for an op-ed 5 min. ago. The piece will run in HuffPost instead. WaPo is obsolete...


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