Thursday, February 19

Lucky for you, Wonkette, the sidebar at Feministing was full.

I blocked out the name of the advertiser because, speaking purely as a "Democratic, liberal, and progressive activist", this dot org (really) and its advertising team are, well,

mindless sex-starved completely unimaginative fuckers.

And I mean that in a totally sex-positive way.

Also, speaking as a starving blogger, I don't blame Wonkette one bit for taking the fuckers' Ka-ching. I just hope it was a lot of money. Women who are smart enough to read Wonkette will go back to their own fine blogs, "take action" and make fun of...oh yeah, right.


  1. Great post. One time I left a comment on Feministing or Feministe I can't remember which, and right next to the comment dialogue box was Pamela Anderson's breasts, in that PETA ad, you may have seen it around. I found it totally incongruous with the topic under discussion. My criticism did not seem to be very well received though.

  2. Aside from the obvious snidery to be had from the juxtaposing of 'Wonkette' and 'ass' (according to political internet traditions)..'Money is money' for a growing mass of people as the world devolves ever further into acceptance of situational ethics and moral relativism in the face of financial collapse.

    I can't help but be reminded of Bill Hicks whenever yet another advertising incongruity appears such as this...But I begrudge them not their marketing strategy or another party's acceptance of lucre to promote same, shallow as the whole affair may be.

  3. I wouldn't mind meeting a progressive with a hot bod, good heart, and tight ass; but I don't really want her advertized like a cut of beef either. I've seen power tools advertized with more taste. And Pamela Anderson is definately NOT hot. A freak, yes.

    Perhaps that good Karma will kick them square in their super-sized asses directly into bankruptcy court. Yes, Virginia, cyber pimping has become big business - one of the few left on these shores.

    And BTW, all that whining about posting new blog content, and not one of you f'ers has read a thing since. Me? I'm moving to Belize while watching this retarded place slide into chaotic irrelevance.

    All hail the New World Order.

  4. I have to re-think directing my son to go to progressive dating sites to find someone more compatible with his thinking. This is the same ole, same ole.

    Um, well, um, my mind is just spinning over this... I can't believe a progressive.... um .. huh? ... what was I saying? ... shouldn't this be in the "No Comment" section of Ms. magazine? ....

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM

    So the ad that focus on some guy's crouch and that dating site saying that liberals have bigger packages is coming any day now, right?


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