Wednesday, February 11

The Maternal is Political

Fabulous book by the same name was given to me at Christmas. I thought about that when I looked through my 4th grader's school planner, which has an educational trivia question on every other page. Here's the one for June/Constitution Day:

How sad that for eight years the answer to a true/false question about whether the President has to defend the Constitution had qualifiers based on the Bush/Cheney Justice Department's definitions of "can" and "help" and "nation."

And we have to give Obama time to redefine all of that. Mister President: the question I had for you during the YouTube debate back in July of 2007 still stands:


  1. And the ghost of Nixon rides again. It's not illegal if the President does it.

  2. And it's a good, important question. I'm pretty sure The Constitution doesn't make distinctions for R or D.

  3. i hope Obama does that soon..... but it not be a "roll back" issue. the fact is Dubya and Dick probably never had a defensible argument for all that they did.... just a bunch of crooked lawyers.....

    i think the Obama administration is on notice that legal opinions written by that Republican administration are suspect, and that they should not base any policy on them.

    that's probably a good start.

  4. Those are great questions on the Youtube. I'm beginning to get a little nervous about Obama's ability to live up to his promises.

    By the way, on video you are totally aphrodisiacal.


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