Tuesday, February 10

I can't decide if this is very right or oh so wrong.

Following the Dalai Lama on Twitter. (But I'm doing it anyway, natch.)


  1. Electronic enlightenment OR too much time on yer hands? lol

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Me too! And now they are following me too!

  3. I wonder if he types them out himself, or has a staff member do it?

  4. According to the Google, the OHHDL Twitter account has been suspended for violating the terms of service rule against impersonation. But then it said that the account had been reinstated with a notice that it wasn't actually affiliated "with the exiled monk". So as I read it, that tips it toward the "oh so wrong" side, but for a different reason...
    -Doug in Oakland

  5. It's wrong, so very wrong.
    I did it, too.

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  7. It is pretty wild. I saw the Pope has his own Youtube channel or something like that.

  8. Just thought you might enjoy the this facebook group's photo gallery at the end of this link. It is for a cause and they have a Blog too.

    A Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women

    "We thank the media for their response to the campaign.

    This began as an online campaign from all over India and elsewhere. The facebook group alone has 17,000 members now and is still growing.

    We are asking all our Bangalore supporters to post pink chaddis directly to Pramod Muthalik, because the response has been too overwhelming.

    We have heard that Mr. Muthalik has decided to send pink saris "with love" in response. We greatly appreciate this and hope he continues to choose similar, non-violent methods to get his point across, just as we have chosen to be non-violent and loving in response to the brutality of the attacks on lovers and women in Mangalore and other parts of Karnataka.

    We will gladly wear the pink saris.

    We're sure that the online collective will have a life of its own, and will continue to grow.

    We're still going through with posting our own pink chaddis and those that we have received by many people who are strongly in support of the campaign."

  9. Let me know if you ever learn the answer to the koan: "What is the sound of one hand mousing?"

  10. Anonymous5:34 PM

    What message do you Twitter him? Hello? Just sayin...


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