Sunday, February 8

Sunday - Day of Rest?

I hope to get a little knitting in today; won't be knitting any panties, though. This one is from Katrinkles' Flickr Photostream, where she uses the timeworn excuse that she made it as a gift. Right. If knitting panties is your thing the pattern is free and here.

In political news, as I expected, Paul Krugman is sexy when he's mad.

And I don't usually send people to online petitions, but Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes pointed me to this one which made me giggle.

Speaking of pancakes, today the men's auxillary at the church I attend had a pancake breakfast. I have to say, sausage patties dipped in fake pancake syrup and washed down with burnt diner coffee in a thick glass mug...I felt as decadent as a courtesan at Caligula's throne.


  1. that's a breakfast!

    Sounds like the 'Hunter Breakfast' my dad used to take my brother and me to when we were little, before we hit the woods to get Bambi. I still remember those pancakes.

    Nothing like pancakes and eggs made by men from the VFW and served by their wives.

    Incidentally, in all the years I went 'hunting' with my dad, we never got a deer. I was just too noisy.

  2. I was going to sign the petition demanding more Biblical porn, like material about how Solomon used his mighty sword to nearly cleave in two the thousand babes he kept as concubines in his seraglio.

    After that, the pancakes seemed rather flat.

  3. Go Wee Mousie! I too am blogging Krugman. I have him blog rolled and hang on his every word, like I had a crush on him or something. Todays Krugman blog post is "Wingnuts, Wingnuts Everywhere!" I'm doing my best to pimp his blog. He's a big enough pie you can all have a piece of him. Mummm.

  4. Fake maple syrup?

    Heresy! Repent, courtesan.


  5. I know! It's so funny how I convince my kids that "mommy's" syrup (real maple) is off limits.

    And if I'd remembered the pancake breakfast was today I would have brought my own syrup. Really.

  6. Isn't Paul Krugman always sexy? Seriously, Obama needs to hire him immediately.

  7. Anonymous6:49 AM

    practice makes perfect. your blogposts are always knitted together perfectly.

  8. nothing like those breakfasts. they make me feel "noble"

    p.s. i am begining to get a rest hunger for some krugman.

  9. Um. . . What's a "men's auxillary"?
    And where can I get me one?

  10. Oh my! I do not think I will knit one of those real about you,



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