Thursday, February 5

I'm tellin ya, Wapo:

That small "p" in president looked wrong to me, but better editors say it's correct.

Wapo knows that any and all typos will be laid at the feet of Bill Kristol.

I love what Malacandra on Twitter said: "I think Barack Obama's OpEd is really good. I just hope it gets read by someone with some power and influence."

Click here for the oped from the president (that "p" still looks wrong to me) of the United States.

Be warned regarding the oped: it's the same measured, sane, competent, boring bullshit we're all just gonna have to get used to. I still think he needs to go all Rahm on the GOP's ass.


  1. This op-ed isn't going to do it. It's going to be read by the influential, who either already know this or think it's all a bunch of hooey. He needs to be on TV, and be specific and pointed. The Republicans have blocked meaningful additions to the bill, and insisted on useless additions that we know don't work. Until he does that, the calls will continue to be 100 to 1 against the stimulus bill.

    Why? Because the people who make up that 100 aren't Rhodes Scholars. Don't believe me? Go read the comments of this dickhead. If you are wondering which dickhead I'm referring to, let me just give you a hint: How many zeros in a billion?

  2. Awwww, but that was the point... this Op Ed was targeted to the influential, the dickheads that are sitting in the senate right now trying to decide what to do with the bill and arguing back and forth. It did just what he wanted it to do. It got them all angry and fighting and getting the job done. So it worked.
    Wasn't it a brilliant plan?? See how smart our President is??

    I agree with you.. I think it should have been a big

  3. President, when referring to POTUS, is always capitalized, because it is his title. According to what I larned in skool, back in the Dark Ages.

    But the WaPo saved a lot of ink by making it a lower case "p", so it looks good on the balance sheet, which is the only thing that's important to Corporate News Entities.

  4. President Barack Obama..... get used to it Wapo.
    Jeez-- of all the shit hitting the fan, you'd think they would not make titles of the Prez an issue.

    Ptttttttttttttttt to Wapo!

  5. You don't think that maybe we overdid the pResident thing these last eight years, do you?

  6. Barack Obama doesn't need to be more like Rahm... he's got Rahm for that.

  7. Anonymous11:15 PM

    If the lower-case "p" is not wrong it should be. The way I see it the President of The United States as a title is as proper a noun as your name and mine. And unless we harbor a secret desire to be e.e. cummings, proper nouns should be capitalized.


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