Thursday, February 26

I'm telling you, the economy is not as bad as we think.

Because Pammy is obviously still going to the medi-spa. And she can afford CPAC, even though "Here we are at the largest attended CPAC ever - close to 8,000 people and there is not one panel or speaker on Islamic supremacism, freedom of speech, or foreign affairs save one panel."

My sense is a CPAC Panel on "Our Epic Fail at Home and Abroad" would kind of be a downer for people who, let's face it, have rejected all interventions and insist on sucking down the wingnut koolaid until the bitter end, because, HEY, I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM! I CAN STOP ANYTIME, BUT THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF! IT HELPS ME BE ME! BOLTON! USA! Do you wanna go upstairs and discuss Islamic supremacism?

Oh, sorry, didn't mean to get carried away there. But I'm really, truly, all for Pammy's freedom of speech, oh g-d yes, even though I won't link her. The crazy is really entertaining when it isn't outright dangerous. I wonder how it feels to have Amnesty International against you?

I also wonder if the Senate Republicans found any Facebook friends at CPAC? I suspect everybody at the true-believers convention hates those guys.

UPDATE: The whole CPAC thing is giving Mika Brezinski hives? For real?


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I assume that Pammy has an ex-husband or two who is willing to pay her lots of alimony in exchange for no contact.

  2. Yes. I agree. This woman is a walking restraining order.

  3. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I knew you'd makem this point. Later I'll post a link yo something I wrote awhile ago.


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