Saturday, February 14

We don't kill them because they're cute.

So tonight "for Valentine's Day" we made a cake, which was cooling on the stove.

I was typing out some posts and almost 5yo comes in. "I tasted the cake, Mommy."


Rushed into the kitchen and this poor sheet cake looked like a nightmare sequence in the off-broadway all-cake version of The Shining.

Five year old: "I'm SO sorry! It was an ACCIDENT!"

update: I'm sorry the title of this post lead some readers to think I actually got mad/punishing over some cake. Once I was over the shock, we FROSTED THE CAKE CRUMBS TOGETHER AND EVEN PUT ON SPRINKLES. People! Don't you KNOW me by now?

There's a name for people who preach to a single mom the joys of living in the fucking MOMENT with three kids. They are called "grandparents." I love you guys and your perspective. Now excuse me while I go clean fruit cocktail off the couch.


  1. I just read your post and thought "busted" as I wiped the cupcake crumbs away. The cupcakes are for the "cake and balls" party they are throwing downstairs this evening (cupcakes and meatballs) and I was raiding the stash a little early...
    -Doug in Oakland

  2. I hope it wasn't a cake shaped like a DC-8. That would be a terrible omen for our kind.

  3. Hmmmm. Well, a positive way of looking at this is, hey, maybe once our work is done, the child has a future with the FDA?


    Happy Valentines Day anyway, BlueGal.

  4. We don't kill them because they're cute and they're cute so we won't kill them. Nature's way.

  5. Of course we would never kill them over cake. That would be too Roveish. I'm sure you gave the 5yo and hug and said I love you. That's what a good leftie would do! BTW, my word verification is undall, which is similar to panties if you drink enough red wine. Or remove the n and think of former governors.....

  6. Are you kidding me pigeon? When her actions are this cute AND bloggable? LOL....

  7. "I'm SO sorry! It was an ACCIDENT!"

    That's what they all say. Meanwhile, an innocent loaf lies slain in a pool of its own icing.
    Throw the cookbook at 'em.


  8. At 8:43 PM, ZenYenta said...
    We don't kill them because they're cute and they're cute so we won't kill them. Nature's way.

    BG... C'mon! These are the times of our lives. ZenYenta is right!

    "If they do that one more time I swear..."
    and then they miraculously change before your eyes and they EVOLVE.

    I can't bear to replace our microwave even though it's old and flakey. Each time I warm, reheat or cook something in it, I look at my son's name scratched into the plastic covering of the clock.
    He was 5, the microwave was brand new. 16 years later... so fleeting.

    After venting your disapproval
    I hope you took pictures and I hope you danced, sang laughed and celebrated.

    Find and embrace the priceless. Son is away and too soon will be on his own. All the little reminders of the journey are my touchstones (and his).

    Your almost 5 y.o. gave you a great gift last night. Find a way to say thank you.

  9. oh yes. i remember one thanksgiving , my daughter was about 5 and picked up an entire (minus 1 slice)pumpkin pie out of the pie pan and walked into the living room of her grandparent's eating the pie like a big cookie.

  10. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Thank you for once again causing me to pass milk out through my nose while laughing...

    It, too, was an accident.

  11. Our youngest is 23. I feel like we've made it. Yet, we're resigned to him being around for another 5 to 20 years.

    Cute bought him a lot of "accident" forgiveness.

    Wasn't "It was an accident" what Mrs. O'Leary said while standing in the embers?

  12. memories...when my child, now 32, was 5, i was working at a senior center meal site, and bought two cake mixes and powdered sugar for both icing, cleaned house like mad the night before a family party, where one of the cakemixes was used..only to wake up the next morning to find my daughter delightedlly throwing cake mix and powdered suger in the air and watching it fall.

    yep, she not only is still alive, but she's taking care of me in my old age. wonder if i could get my hands on a cake mix and powdered sugar!?! bac104's sister, jejlssh9


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