Tuesday, February 3

Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Here's my five, chosen because they are tiny blogs on my blogroll who have posted most recently. Because I strongly believe that writing is a discipline, and those who practice it faithfully, deserve readers:

The World of Doorman-Priest

Just an Earthbound Misfit

The Emperor's New Rags the II

Relaxed Politics

Slobber and Spittle

While I helped out by making the video above, this event is actually organized by Skippy and Jon Swift, who are providing linky love to those who participate, so do let them know.


  1. Cujo@Slobber and Spittle and the Misfit are two of my favorites.

  2. Princes of Peace at: http://www.princesofpeace.com/ is probably the only site smaller than mine. But, I like it.

  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Hey BlueGal!! I'm working up my post for today, and was wondering-- is there a central hub somewhere to link back to?
    Thanks! Happy BAD!

  4. Hey Thorne! Yes. Skippy and Jon Swift are the actual organizers of this movement, and they are providing links to participants. I'll change the post above to give you links to their sites.

  5. Thank you Blue Gal! I am so honored.

    ---Betsy at http://www.relaxedpolitics.com

  6. Thanks for the mention, particularly despite my somewhat, um, churlish participation in B.A.D.

  7. Hey B.G.!

    Happy B.A.D. and here are five from me:


    Hope you're feeling better.

    MZ (GOPnot4me)

  8. Thank you, I saw a bump up from this.

  9. - And I thank you - As my Blog is almost too small to mention....


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