Tuesday, February 3

Pull out the inflatable bed, kids. The President's here again.

As I said back on December 23, we in Illinois had to get rid of Blago before February:

They're rushing, well, as fast as the Illinois State Legislature can rush, what wit da holidaze an' all, to get Governor Blagojevich out of office.

This coming February marks the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. Kind of a big deal in Illinois. We don't need no crooks on the dais, if ya know what I mean. (What is it about Blago that makes me and everyone else write like we're mobsters?)

The three magic words that get more done faster than any other at the state and local level, my friends: "Bad for tourism."

The impeachment was last Thursday? And all of a sudden the President sez he's coming? Some of us already unpacked the fine china weeks ago, my friend.

And yeah, Blagojevich isn't invited to the dinner, like he wasn't invited to speak at the convention. No crooks on the dais. Buh-bye. He said, buh-bye.

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  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    C'mon Blue Gal... with hair like that, doesn't his luscious hair get him a ducat to that party? Sheesh. What's a deposed fella gotta do to catch a break in that state?


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