Monday, February 23

Why I left Alabama, part 846

Yeah, TPM already has this story, let me just add how happy I am to have Roland "Fucking Corrupt" Burris as my [temporary] Senator instead of this jackass. Politics is so often the choice between two evils, but given that choice, I'll take the crook over the idiot every time.

Senator Shelby questions Obama's citizenship.

This at a meet-the-constituents event, where some "natural born citizen" of the United States, um, prompted the Republican Alabama Senator to be more publicly stupid than usual.
Another local resident asked Shelby if there was any truth to a rumor that appeared during the presidential campaign concerning Obama’s U.S. citizenship, or lack thereof.

“Well his father was Kenyan and they said he was born in Hawaii, but I haven’t seen any birth certificate,” Shelby said. “You have to be born in America to be president.”
Setting aside the whole "they said" bullshit, who knew Shelby was bilingual? He seems to speak English very well for someone whose NATIVE language is Klanese. And, by the way, everyone in that formerly whites-only, betcha, restaurant, knew the code. What does "born in America" really mean, Senator?
According to the Associated Press, state officials in Hawaii checked health department records during the campaign and determined there was no doubt Obama was born in Hawaii.
Well, yeah, but does Hawaii really count? You know, even Cokie Roberts thinks Hawaii is kinda, you know, exotic. And pass the pork rinds, we all know what THAT stands for.

And hey, when Obama was born in 1961, that's before the Civil Rights Act.

"They said" you had to be white to vote in Alabama in 1961. You remember, don't you Senator? The good old days?

And then there's that whole Obama's white mother thing. I mean, what's worse that being, um, a pure-blooded "exotic" "Kenyan"? Really Senator, I gotta laugh so I don't cry. While federal law trumped the state in the 1960's, the Alabama state constitution was not amended to allow blacks and whites to get married until...wait for it...

2000. Not making that up.

Shelby will get re-elected anyway because the R after his name means he doesn't kill unborn white babies. Seriously. Alabama, I didn't leave soon enough.

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  1. oh my god, i'd be crazy if i had to live there. to read of this stuff every day because they were my state's... ugh!!!

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    WOW - you'd rather have a crook than a idiot? Not me. I'd rather have neither. It seems to me that Illinois has more than their fair share of corrupt politicians - let's see, where does the current President hail from? Nuf said.

    I'm not sure why someone is termed "stupid" by simply stating his opinion or questioning something he is not clear on. While he may be totally off base - why does that make him stupid? Wonder if you would think my son was 'stupid' for questioning his history teacher on the real reasons for the Civil War, versus what their book is saying.

    It's pretty radical to think we can't all have differing opinions and if someone happens to think differently than you - they are stupid or an idiot. If they happen to question something they are not clear on - just because an image has been posted on the internet or because millions of followers have stated something over and over on the blogs - does not make it true. Hold true for BOTH sides of the arguement!

    Unlike Shelby - I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, but I don't think he is stupid or an idiot for questioning where Obama was born. I don't think he is stupid for wanting to see some proof. Let's face it - a COLB only states that the baby was, in fact, born alive. Let's face it - Obama has sealed a lot of his records. In fact, I rather find Shelby couragous to stand up for what HE feels is right and for what HE feels he needs clarification on.

    Why is everyone so afraid of the truth?

  3. Oh good gracious I can't believe the idiocy sometimes. This is why progressives need to keep vigilant, keep laying pressure on Obama from the left because he is getting so much crappy bs pressure from the right. There's a great video on this site for the book Thinking Big that makes the same point - now is the time for us to do our part to keep Obama on track and away from the influence of nutjobs like those.

  4. Shelby is reporting this non-issue as though it were somehow fact and acting no better than a misinformed anonymous blogger in the process.

    He's wrong in many ways, but it'll be a tough pill for most Alabama residents to swallow to admit that.

  5. I've never actually thought Shelby was stupid, at least by Alabama political standards. But ever since he crossed the aisle to become a republican, I thought he had a keen sense of which way the political winds are blowing. It seems this is more of the same. Note he doesn't say he actually doubts Obama's eligibility himself. If he were stating his true opinion, I would think that this shows negligent, probably willful, ignorance. But since I think it's just sucking up to stupidity, I say just politics as usual.

  6. 2000? Holy cracker, Batgirl! More and more, Alabamania is appearing to have issues with accepting the 20th century, let alone the 21st.

    As to 'Anon' and their statement, "While he may be totally off base - why does that make him stupid?"...I would counter with the aphorism, 'Better to keep one's mouth closed and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt'.
    There has been ample irrefutable evidence offered regarding the legitimacy of Obama's American citizenship.
    Shelby has no excuse for playing rabblerousing race cards, or shooting his cakehole off in public before ascertaining said facts...But the base that he is playing to doesn't want those facts, now do they?


  7. Oh this is not THAT bad. Try this on for size:

  8. Yeah, that's a good one too. My ex is a past president of the ACLU of Alabama. Google "Roy Moore" if you want summore.

  9. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Shelby did what he could to keep that dead issue alive in the small or absent minds of my fellow Alabamians (yes, I've been trapped here most of my life)on Friday night--that makes him a damn liar because he knows the truth and refused to go up against the slime machine. The next day, his office issued a "clarification," but few of those present will read it either because they cannot read or will never see where it is printed.

    Did anyone notice how Shelby latched on to President Obama's hand during his walk-in to Congress the other night? It's a wonder he did not pull the President right up into the seat with him! How's that for hypocrisy, knowing which way the political wind blows, stupidity or whatever else
    one might want to call it?


  10. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Just because I have a teenager now and I am never right.....Barack was born in 1961, not 1963.

  11. You're right, Elizabeth! Michelle Obama was born in 63. Thanks.

  12. Lived in Alabama for 23 Years, then Arizona for the last 27. Politically, it was not much of an upgrade (less humid though).


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