Friday, October 16

Could we please stop it with the fairy tale revisionism?

All this rehashing of the 2008 election is getting on my last nerve.

Let's be clear: a lot of the chatter about Sarah Palin is book buzz. The price for "Going Rogue" is dropping so fast you'd think it was Saks Fifth Avenue stock.

Also, like many others, former McCain adviser Steve Schmidt is looking for a job. So the push-me/pull-you regarding the choice of Sarah Palin--she would have been a disaster as Vice-President but inflicting her on the nation and the party was my Best Idea Ever--seems an effort to keep his name in the news so Michael Steele will put him on staff just to shut him up.

And then there's Hillary Clinton, who woulda shoulda coulda won the White House (we'll just have to MAKE her run again, it's SO unfair!) and NOW she's more popular than Obama and really honey didn't I just TELL YOU OVER AND OVER THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN I just knew it you never listen to me!

And when I see a right-wing website title its article: "Hillary Clinton Now Viewed More Favorably Than Barack Obama, Especially Among Republicans"?

Are you kidding me? Republicans like Hillary now? They've wanted her DESTROYED from day one!

But it's the enemy within that I'm talking about here. Any Hillary supporter who wants to relive the glory days of the primary season and have a do-over nine months later or even seven years from now, is

a. Showing a lack of respect for the office of Secretary of State
b. Showing a lack of respect for the woman who currently holds that office

and c. has bigger blinders on than ANY Sarah Palin supporter. Really.

You have to assume that Palinites are completely mesmerized by the wink and the Christianist fascism. They'll support her regardless of her incapacities because anti-abortionists do that. They'll swear to the end of the earth that George Bush is a good Christian man, for crying out loud.

Hillaryites who sit with broken hearts because she was their last best hope for a vagina in the Oval Office in their lifetimes, are believing in something far more sinister. They are NOT SUPPORTING the human being they purport to elevate. And they kinda refuse to listen to her HINT when she talks about the Afghan government, even:

By the way, Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination because she ran the most ham-handed, tone-deaf, freaked-out sense of entitlement campaign in the history of Democratic politics. The Ellen Jamesians of the PUMA movement plug their ears and rage against Mark Penn (and they're damn right to put much of this at his feet) but really, I hate to bring this up AGAIN, but anyone wanting a do-over in the primaries needs to review the highlights of her campaign in detail:

"Bill can't have any onion rings" advertisement.

The Celine Dion campaign song.

The "any nuclear option is not off the table" and "obliterate Iran" statements. (Hey, where's that Nobel Peace Prize, anyhoo?)

Hill-ar-ee for you and mee "Up With People" events. (If I were as soulless as Dick Cheney, I'd bombard PUMA headquarters with that song turned up to 11 like they do in sleep deprivation torture.)

The nefarious and much parodied 3AM phone call ad.

"Shame on you, Barack Obama".

Yes there was sexism, but none of the above failures can be blamed on sexism, especially the Celine Dion theme song, which, you'll remember, was the winner of a "pick Hillary's song" contest. Ugh.

Oh, speaking of Barack Obama, he has an answer to the "popularity" question--a fourth grader asked why everybody hates him so much (h/t @OreoDCW)"

Watch CBS News Videos Online

I don't always agree with him, and I'm certainly not going to revise history to say how he's betrayed the liberals, since he never campaigned as one, no matter what. But his grown-up-ness in this instance is very refreshing.


  1. They won't even think about stopping. e.g., see how many programs you can find every frickin' week of the year, trying to revise WWII/Hitler. It never stops.

    But the 4th grader got it right: "God is Love.'

  2. Oh the purity of that kid, asking *Why do people hate you?.

    Pretty powerful that a 4th grader *feels the hate* swirling around.

    It was bad enough we had to endure 8 years of Bush & his murderous lies & shredding of the constitution....

    but now the GOP & the teabaggers just spew venom-- and it's not healthy for our kids-- or us. Have intellectual exchanges about differences, yes, but this hate and desire to sabotage just for the hell of it is a huge waste.

    It is a horrible lesson for kids--- promoting nasty fights , and spreading lies (yes I do blame the taking heads who get air time & shamelessly say lies over & over enough they are believed by the less- than-critical-thinker masses.

    As for Palin.... a has been quitter governor.... I don;t think I could stand another election cycle w her.... and I can not believe the election was even remotely close.

    Being Governor was her only political card... and she threw it away.

    Please, now fade away & leave us alone.

  3. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Another staged event. So typical. Poor poor Obama can't stand the fact that the majority of the people who wasted their vote on him woke up and get the change,not he change they thought they were getting. Kids this age would not ask a question like this without being propped up.

  4. Don't sugar coat it for us...tell us how you really feel. ;)

  5. That should not be interpreted trollishly...I might not agree w/ everything you said, BG, but you are right.

  6. When will we ever recognize that it's not about us, never was, and never will be?

  7. It's okay Dan, the angry types can't stand "he change" as they put it. A typo? I think not.

  8. Bah! I hate "grown-up-ness". ;o)

  9. What perplexes me the most is that some supporters of Ms. Clinton to this day think that she is a liberal when in fact, she is just as much of a far right, homophobic, and racist Dixiecrat as her husband. If people knew that Ms. Clinton was a militant Christian fundamentalist along the lines of Pat Robertson and Sarah Palin, maybe then they would get a clue.

    Obama has been pretty bad so far, but Hillary Clinton would have been much worse. Has anyone noticed that she is misusing her position as Sec. of State to start a war with Iran?


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