Tuesday, October 27

Next month is Blog Every Day Month (NaBloPoMo)

For those of you not writing a 50,000 word novel next month...

PROMPT: "Beautiful young steampunk vampires who are deeply, deeply in love battle forces threatening the eco-destruction of their world -- a world unlike any other. " GO!

...you have an opportunity to commit to posting to your blog every day for 30 days in November.

I won't be officially joining NaBloPoMo because I already post every day, but I want to encourage those of you who find that a challenge to get on board. Blogging / writing every day for a month will make you a better blogger / writer.

I'm not the rule-maker here, but if I were, the following posts would not count:

  • "What Atrios/Huffpo/Paul Krugman said" posts
  • Wow, here's a very cool youtube/photoshop/twitter hashtag that I didn't make myself
  • Kitteh!

If it weren't for the writing prompt above, this post wouldn't count either.

Write every day for a month. Post it. Get it out there. It will bless you in ways you can't imagine.

On topic, I'm so sorry to see all the broken links on my blogpostings for 2006. Some people even went to the trouble to buy a unique url and hosting space, but didn't bother to keep at the writing. For those of you who are not old-skool, or who think you might want to try this blogging thing, it is never too late. Trust me, if some voice is whispering to you to do this, it's not too late.

And if you have already gone to the trouble to set up a blog, then you, my dear blogger, have something to say that no one else can.



  1. I can't do that. If I post every day, I won't have time for chocolate cake! ;o)

  2. Jeez, BG. I'm in the air all day Saturday for our "special meetup" in DC the first weekend in November. And then I'm in the air all day on Tuesday coming back home.
    While I would love to accept this challenge, I'd MUCH rather see you in person...
    -- The F Man

  3. I've been good blogmommy. really...

    Does that mean I can take a month off?

  4. I'm going to resolve to tweet every day and work my way up to blogging every day.

  5. I just can't say no to you, BG. I'm in.


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