Saturday, October 24

Saturday Song and knitting finished

The second sock is done and they'll be in the mail this week, J.R., hopefully before the snow flies where you are!

And my dear pal Akabini, fab friend, knitter, and now marathon runner (if she weren't so fabulous I'd hate her) sent me some gorgeous yarn from Twisted Sisters, and in the bag she'd enclosed a swatch/tube in lovely oranges...I topped it off with some leftover blue variegated to make a hat....

...which looks lovely on little BIG girls:


  1. Off topic:
    Check this out

  2. So are you going to open a company called :

    Those darned socks?

  3. Hey,

    Is this a Mommy blog or what?

    tee hee

    Nice work, girl!


    How can we order a BG special?

  4. Nice choice, maybe next time you can post one with my Talkin Sexes:



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