Thursday, October 29

Performance Art is in the Eye of the Beholder?

There's a website, I won't provide a link and I'll explain why in a minute, that claims its purpose to be: a place where women who are shaped like me can post their "outfit of the day."

I am not a cruel person and do not generally mock non-celebrity fashion. I think it's mean and unfair to make fun of everyday women who have nothing on me in terms of weight issues. But bear with me about the three outfits below.

Fashion Model A lets us know that she was on the phone with her long-distance boyfriend for several hours last night, and that things are not going well. In fact, the relationship is probably going to end, so, to cheer herself up she decided to put together some outfits made entirely from clothes purchased in stores whose names end in "-mart" and post pictures of herself in them for comment/voting. She says she cheated a little in this photo because the top did not come from a store ending in "-mart" it came from a store ending in "-bug" so take that into account.

Model B calls this her "international" outfit because each item (sweater, skirt, tights, and oversized Doc Martens) "comes" from a different country. Surprise! Every country in the world is now called "China."

"One quick snapshot before I leave for work."

As I say, I am not a cruel person and because I am not sure about this website I am not linking it, and I did pixilate the faces in these images to protect the potential innocence of the people in question. But please allow me to add that...

...if this is performance art you gals fucking rock.

Update: I'm grateful to be informed that Paris Fashion Week has just as bad and worse than the above, but without the irony.


  1. You could use the pattern in the blouse on top to hypnotize people.

  2. Re: the "Fashion Week" "outfit"...
    Yet another entry in the "it doesn't matter what I wear on top if it makes my legs look skinny" category.


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