Thursday, October 15

Dang, Doctor Dean, why didn't we think of that before?

Here's a minute of Doctor Dean (love him, really) talking about his proposal to let those 50 and older buy Medicare coverage.

It's instant public option, and is being billed as "Public Option Plus for Over 50."

And it seems to be gaining some traction, because Congress Critters can take it home before the 2010 elections. Along with another $250.00 check for Seniors who can't do inflation math. I don't begrudge them that, and I'm glad my mom and dad will get it.

But what drives me nuts is the politics. Apparently, if you coin something as merely benefitting everyone born before 1958, you can pass the whole damn liberal agenda in a month.

I mean JEEZ! If we'd only known sooner that all ya have to do is make it a sop for boomers/seniors. Maybe there's time yet! Think of what we might accomplish:

Don't call it gay marriage, call it

"Catering and event planning stimulus plus for 50 and over"***.

***plus other gay people.

Don't call it ACORN / Census / fair electoral representation for people of color, call it

"People counting and free ice cream plus sprinkles for 50 and over"

Don't call it pro-choice, call it

"White-grandchildren-only credit for 50 and older"

Don't call it cap and trade, call it

"Clean Air for 50 and older, plus bonus clean air for your white grandchildren"

Lou Dobbs and his soup eater viewers would be struck dumb.

No extra charge for the free advice, Congress Critters.

Speaking of clean air, today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change. In support, I posted last night's open thread and a guest post today over at Crooks and Liars, and I encourage folks to check out posts by other participants. Thanks.


  1. You know they won't value it if you don't charge for it, BG.


    No extra charge for the free advice, Congress Critters.

  2. I think it's a good idea, or at least a step in the right direction. Older folks are often the hardest hit by downsizing and layoffs and may have the hardest time finding another job.

    A partial public option is better than no public option.

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Us boomers who got hit hard by the recession have little hope of building a new nest egg anytime soon. Retirement is now a long, long, long way away; if we can find a job.

    health insurance cost are the primary obstacle to rebuilding our saving accounts. While universal health ins. is answer, under the current political climate this proposal would be the next best course of action.

    Current medicare recipients are the most likely to object to heath reform. They have been scared into this belief by FOX et-al.

    Moving the boomers into Medicare will only build momentum for Medicare for all.

    I trust Dr Dean and will work hard to support his proposal


  4. If it weren't for the media, the republicans and the democratic powers that be, Howard Dean could have been our president. I hate them all for denying us the chance to have someone who is sensible, principled and bright in the white house.


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