Tuesday, October 27

Sarah Palin's Audiobook -- FRIST!

Since I beat even Comedy Central by a day in making a "Going Rouge" joke, and now the liberals actually have a book out by the same name....

I call frist on noting that the audio version of Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue, due out December 1 and read by the author, is only available in abridged format.

Obvious joke: she recorded three whole pages and then quit.


  1. Ha! It takes a real leader to know when to quit. ;o)

  2. Good girl!

    But I really don't foresee you being the "Frist" one.


  3. Hey, thanks for the link at Crooks & Liars. I was wondering why my stats shot up.

  4. Truly thoughtless humor. Most people who make dumb jokes about Sarah know little or nothing about her life or her record in Alaska. Me thinks her ideology stings you a bit too much. Knee jerk reaction to conservative thought is playground prep school name calling. I love it, it means she is making an impact. She had an 80% approval rating in Alaska. No other governor has reached that plateau.

  5. Don't you mean "Abridged to Nowhere"?


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