Thursday, October 22

You guys DO know I'm a bad commie on occasion.

In order to get my cranky 5 year old to put on her school clothes this morning, I, Blue Gal, noted commie and anti-commercialist, actually played the "Santa Claus is coming to town" gambit. On OCTOBER 22. I know.

After school, she'll get a dose of the Bruce Springsteen version:

Hey, if she better be good for goodness' sake, that'll do.

You know the title of my [unwritten] parenting book, right?


  1. Nicely done BGal!!

  2. Springsteen "Santa Claus" FTW.

    Except, perhaps, considering Bob Dylan's upcoming CD.

  3. It was the morning, you have to do what you have to do. Besides, it's not like you screamed and put the fear of god in her. Whatever works, indeed.

  4. Playing the "Santa Card" in October..... ruthless parenting!

  5. Geoff2:00 PM

    I do like me some Bruce. Too bad there is no video of his rendition of SCICTT from his concert in hte 70's at WNEW (I think). That version could make your daughter pick up her toys, clothes, get ready for school etc. for a year!


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