Tuesday, October 13

Ending the Fall Fundraiser with a Dip!

Thanks everyone for your love and support. And a major hattip to Wonkette for their discovery of the original Skoal Rebel.

PS I am far more likely to put your contribution toward last week's brake pad bill than for commie reading material. Bad liberal!

Thanks for your five dollar contribution, and for those who give more...wow. I really appreciate the support, folks.


  1. OK very cute. Sorry I can't donate. My workplace, which pays a shitty wage, AND has imposed a pay freeze, sent a memo asking us to "give generously" to United Way.
    My head just about exploded!
    I'll give generously when I make a decent wage & they stop sending updates about new multi- billion dollar acquisitions & projects.
    Sorry Blue Gal & Skoal Guy (Ewwwww to #2)

  2. I swear to G*d I went to high school with that guy. In fact, I think 2/3rds of the people I went to high school with were that guy...


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