Friday, October 9

Good frikkin morning to you too, Mister President.

Trust someone who's won the Nobel Prize in Intermediate Feminism several years in a row, Mister P, those Scandinavian trinkets don't change your day-to-day life much. xo


  1. Sorry to be the first to mention it here, but how does the guy who is continuing the Bush policies on torture, extradition, GITMO win the Peace Prize?

    Yes, he's stopped the worst abuses (maybe, we'll find out the details in years to come when someone rats the whole situation out), but has not disavowed the route traveled at all.

    Only the severity level.


  2. I have to wonder if he won it for the war in Afghanistan or for the one in Iraq - or maybe for failing to persuade Israel to freeze settlements in the West Bank or for sending Israel weapons while they hold Gaza under siege and prohibit passage of food and medical equipment into it.

    The last sitting president to receive a Nobel Peace Prize was Woodrow Wilson, for the League of Nations. I hope it's not as bad as all that.

  3. i just want to point out that after 8 years of parading the village idiot around the world as our highest elected official, this is a great achievement.

  4. I figure this says more about how much the world hated George Bush than it does about how much they love Barrack Obama.

    Hey, do you think he'll lend the treasury the prize money to pay for health care?

  5. Ironic-- the very same week he is contemplating sending 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan... the other war.

    Let's just say he's no MLK jr when it comes to nonviolence.

  6. This is the WTF moment of 2009. It's absolutely Orwellian.


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