Thursday, October 1

Stuff my kids say...

So after getting ready for school this morning we had a few minutes left to take in some Dora the Explorer, something the older brother (turning 11 this month) does not appreciate: "I wish Dora had weapons."

Really, I can't believe no one thought of that before.

[many thanks to the alert reader who corrected my spelling of "Sandinista".


  1. I always figured Dora was a demolition expert - 'Dora the Exploder'.


  2. Sounds like your son has it out for Swiper...not sure what else she would need a weapon for...that bridge troll can be a nuisance, but a good round house kick to his big schnaz and he'd be down for the count. Awe maaaaaaaaan! :)

    Now Wonder Pets - I wouldn't mind if each of them took a long walk off a short pier with cement shoes - let's see if Team Work will help them there!

    Can you tell I have a 3 year old??

  3. AHAHAHAH! Yeah, she could stuff her backpack with plastique!

  4. Nitpick: Sandinista.

  5. funny kid. now that he's opened the door, I totally see Dora with knives, Kill Bill style.


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