Wednesday, October 14


I don't know who is more amateurish:

1. John Harwood, quoting an anonymous WH source as saying

"those bloggers need to take off the pajamas, get dressed and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult."

2. The alleged commenter, because blogger=pajamas is SO 1994.

3. The blogs that have had a first-class hissy fit over said quote.

Really, if I ever show signs of giving a badger's ass what anyone inside the beltway thinks of me and my blog, show me the exit. If the quote is real, the person who said it and the person who reported it are idiots.

Glenn Greenwald puts meat on the bones and brings us back to, ahem, real issues. Thanks be to Allah, we fringe Leftys are gonna keep pushing. I really don't give a rat what Rahm or anybody else in that building thinks of me.


  1. I agree 100% and twice on Sunday, and I'm not just saying that because I'm hoping for a "friends" discount on the Blue Gal Commemorative Autographed Pantie Pack.

    But I do want to thank you for bringing this teapot tempest to my attention. Before reading your esteemed blog, I had no idea that the whole nation was in turmoil over the ((blogger == ) or (blogger != )pajama-wearer) issue.

  2. I'm too am PROUD to be a jammy-wearing fringe leftie that gives Beltway insider's fits. (Hmm, that they made such a statement shows they are indeed paying attention to what we say.)

    OTOH. Some of my Marxist pals no doubt see me as a sell-out, revisionist and boojie to boot.

    Can't please everyone so you got to please yourself.

    PS What this country really needs is another populist uprising.

  3. OK, well what you posted is a little out of context--

    When asked by weekend anchor Lester Holt if the White House is concerned about the criticism they’ve getting from many LGBT activists about the slow-as-molasses pace of delivering on such issues as repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ and DOMA, Washington correspondent John Harwood said the following:

    “The White House views this opposition as the internet left fringe. Those bloggers need to take off the pajamas and realize governing a closely divided country is complicated.”

    So was not just saying bloggers are fringe slackers but the response was about the LGBT community.
    You have to remember- Obama made all kinds of promises & statements, but has not taken action. Soldiers are getting kicked out of the military, and gay marriages repealed.

    If real, it was a nasty kick in the shins to a group currently facing major civil rights discrimination in the 21st century.

    THAT is what all the fuss is about.

    just sayin'

  4. Yeah except that Harwood has now back-pedaled and said that statement WASN'T in the context of Obama's LGBT speech, according to some blogs that are doing "research" into this "story." (huh?) I think Glenn Greenwald has put a lot of what the Left should be concerned about into the context that we can't always trust this WH, and I'm for that, especially continuing to push those specific agenda items on DOMA and DADT. That's why I linked his post, and not some others.

    I don't mind correcting false impressions of bloggers, but I refuse to take their comments personally or buy into some worldview where I'm dependent on the White House or corporate-owned media for my self-image as a contributor to the political discussion.

  5. OK we agree- there is a lot of bullshit on the beltway. Anonymous sources are sketchy.
    But he hit a nerve, kicking the LGBT community when they are feeling kicked around by the pres after they threw a lot of support & $ into getting him into office.
    It's not a special interest group, it is equal rights.

    For the record.... I love to blog in my pajamas
    so pttttttttttttttt to what's his face. Another criminal in a coat & tie.

    Us fringers can call names too. Ha!

  6. I really don't give a rat what Rahm or anybody else in that building thinks of me. FUCK HIM AND ALL HIS WALL STREET PALS. Obama made a big mistake having Rhammie around.

    WHO is taking off their pajamas? I want to be there! Mostly I wear old sweats when blogging...

    There has been much noise about "conservative democrats" or what they are calling "moderate democrats". Notice that NONE of them are capitalised? That is because they are goddamned RADICAL DEMOCRATS and THEY are the fringe elements.

    Damn I am sick of liberal being a dirty word, when the whole damned CONCEPT of a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was one of the most liberal ideas ever. It even caused a WAR.


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