Friday, October 2

David Letterman's Training Session

Sanford, Vitter, and Ensign need two hours in a Powerpoint presentation on "How to Deal with Your Sex Scandal" with Dave. The slides include, 1. You might lose your job, and probably should. 2. Get a sense of humor. 3. Don't be an effin' hypocrite.

Do it like this:

The things you don't do are:

Decide to be the point person to criticize ACORN and prostitution. (Vitter)

Break the law in order to make your staffer, who is also your mistress's husband go away. (Ensign)

And above all, you boys, don't belong to a political party that thinks abstinence only education health policy is a good idea.

'Cause that's a joke. And it isn't funny.


  1. You can't fault him for failing to read the bible. That might be called the King David offensive.

  2. I mean Ensign, of course.

  3. An awkward moment for Dave & theater audience (I knew what was coming from 11 o'clock news). But his attitude was that he should get ahead of the story, let it play out, let the women involved decide if they have grievances, but it's their decision, not the blackmailer's.

  4. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Bottom line? Dave's not a hypocrite, and when he makes people laugh he does it on purpose. Ensign, Vitter and Sanford are self-made jokes who write their own punch lines.

  5. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'll never laugh at a Letterman routine in quite the same way again.

    By taking advantage of his staff he's destroyed himself with this viewer forever.

    And I used to think he had integrity if not perspicacity.

    Thanks, BG.


  6. Suzan I wouldn't assume he took advantage...he's left it to the staff members if they want to come forward, and it may have been two consenting adults who happen to be boss/employee. That happens, duh!

    And that's far more than you can say for Ensign... Lying to everyone involved and then paying them off with jobs and "gifts."

  7. there's also a moth and flame aspect to this ... not to be confused with keep the home flame burning.

  8. i have to admit - i am not a letterman fan - but he handled this better than anyone - it remains to be see if there was harrassment.....

    but in reality - more diversions from health care and afghanistan


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