Friday, January 29

Ep 583 The Professional Left Podcast


Links for this episode:

Two women in one day talk about the White Grievance Republican Party

Before Podcast, Knitting


Mixing three thin yarns into one magnificent swatch?  Yes please!   Making Stephen West's Penguono jacket for ME.  And yes I will post progress reports.  

Podcast will be up shortly and yes, we are modifying our content to only bring up white male Republicans in the context of great women Democrats.  (Seriously.)  It makes a difference, you'll hear it on the show.  

Friday, January 22

Ep 582 The Professional Left Podcast

Bernie's Mittens on the knitting website Ravelry
Links for this episode: Sheldon Whitehouse - Mistakes We Should Not Repeat, Part I

Saturday, January 16

Three Sweaters and One for Me

I took on knitting sweater for each of my three children this winter. None of them pure wool -- Junior Dude's needs to be machine dry-able, Middle Child is vegan down to her clothes, and for youngest child the cotton blend a podcast listener sent me was perfect.

Junior Dude's is top-down v-neck in a wool/acrylic blended yarn called CoffeeBeenz:

Middle Child's looks a little like chain mail. Perfect:
And Youngest Child's I added to my list as a challenge to get three done -- it's knit on size 11 needles in easy garter stitch. I started it last and finished it first:
Now on to a sweater for me in comparatively expensive merino slub yarn. Here's a swatch:
I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Thursday, January 14

What If All You Could Do Was Everything? #PostcardsToVoters


Writing postcards to voters today for a special election on February 9, when they will elect a new District Attorney in Georgia.  

I thought, what if the only good we could do was to make every District Attorney in Georgia a person who cared about racial and social justice?  

That would be a remarkable world-changing thing. 

And here's the thing: making an effort to do that for a few races isn't that hard.  Especially in races where it's a special election in effing February.  Get. Out. The. Vote. is what we have to do.  Every election.  Every time.  

Good luck, Dexter Wimbish, Democratic candidate for District Attorney in the Griffin Circuit, Georgia.