Monday, May 26

Sunday, May 25

Well thank the good lord...

...this particular person can wax rhapsodic about the difference between a geek and a nerd, and wrap in his dead irony gyros analysis that Bush's unpopularity and Obama's cult are simply examples of "geek chic". Amazing to use up a thousand words to intimate that smart people hate Bush and like Obama, you know, without actually saying so, and get paid for it.

And yes, David Brooks, we bloggers do own cosmic slide rules with which we can position columnists like you on the geek/nerd axis.

Thank you, Blogger.

Mmmkay if I found myself in a situation where I could view the chemical make-up of testosterone on my companion's boxer shorts... I mean, at that point can't the hormones hush up and take care of each other?

Those of us using Blogspot can be grateful they bumped their features up a notch: now we can schedule posts in the future. Nice.

Saturday, May 24

Saturday Song, Redux

So would some Fables of the Reconstruction REM make up for Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)?" Feel free to dedicate it to the public figure of your choice:

Saturday Song

Friday, May 23

Tuesday, May 20

A message of love and support...

I write this blog post for him today, and I was a volunteer for Kennedy for President in 1980. He has been an inspiration and support to all of us progressives for so long…I’m praying and praying.

Much love to Senator Kennedy and his family. - BG

(and you can leave a message of support here.)

Questioning Bush's intelligence? heh.

This is from 2007, back when Senator Clinton was the frontrunner, and yeah Maher can be tiresome, but I don't want to forget this Valerie Plame stuff. I don't want America to forget this stuff.

John Dean says what everybody should be saying. Isn't it about time that we stopped electing Presidents who are NOT SMART ENOUGH to BE President?

And don't leave the internets tubes today without reading Drifty and Sandy.

Sunday, May 18

Well, sure, and the hokey pokey is what it's all about, too.

Yeah, baby. Shirt from here.

It's finally (?) moving week here, and blogging will be so light around this url you'll hardly notice it. Salon Monday night even if I can't be there long. Love on ya and hopefully this summer will bring longer days and longer posts, too. Thanks for bearing with me.

Saturday, May 17

Saturday Song and prayers for Senator Ted Kennedy.

Wishing him a very speedy recovery.

Joe Jackson did this song with a little more modern verve but there's nobody like Cab...

Friday, May 16

How many ex-husbands does it take
to screw in a lightbulb?

I don't know, I won't be around to find out.*

How many Democratic Underground/A-blog trolls does it take to offend a smart, politically-aware woman?


*No offense intended to the former Mr. Blue Gal--we're cordial and everything and we'll always have our wonderful children to nurture--particularly as regards their education. And by the way, the lightbulbs are in the closet in the big bathroom.

+++Seriously, why does anyone read that shit?

PS. Looks like Joe Biden wants to be our darlin'. Welcome to the leftie blogosphere's cocktail party and do take a seat next to me on the divan, Senator. We love a man who can cuss just a little, 'specially about the Preznit.

I couldn't find a good "man doesn't know how to screw in a lightbulb" video, but I did find this:

Thursday, May 15

Is it me...

...or is John McCain's skin getting progressively darker as the campaign progresses? I wonder if the spray-on tan budget is paid for out of the Convention slush fund or general campaign revenue.

If he ever claims to be "the black man's President" I'm gonna plotz.

Wednesday, May 14

Writing Elsewhere Today

I dream of a writer's room like Colm Tóibín's.

Anyway, I have a short short story over at the lovely writing blog Six Sentences today. Hope you enjoy it. Leave any comments over there, and thanks.

Tuesday, May 13


Sure, there are ugly racist sentiments like this in Alabama but people here would die rather than have them show up AGAIN in a national newspaper. The people here learned their lesson in the sixties. There's too much invested here in trying to undo the ugly past and bring in automobile plants and tourists and shit. The Birmingham Pledge is specifically designed as an antidote to Alabama history, folks.

Jeebus West Virginia, the spotlight turns to you and you totally fuck it up. And Senator Clinton's win there is a complete embarrassment now, too. Racist assholes are born stupid, so I guess we can't expect them to shut up about it.

Yeah, thank you guys for reinforcing the stereotype that West Virginians are ignorant hillbilly racist borderline Deliverance types. Gawd, they've gotta be near hanging themselves at the West Virginia Tourism Board.

Lemme say it in plain words for ya: if I were Senator Clinton I'd be ashamed to get the votes of these people and if I were Bill Clinton? Shit. All he did has been undone. All of it.

from a comment at a bigger blog....

I have a question. What to you say to millions of women who only bothered paying attention to politics because they were excited about voting for the first female president? Do you just say, i'm sorry that your candidate was tossed out to the curb like yesterdays garbage, but for the good of the country you should vote for the man most responsible for it?

Good lord. Okay, in answer to your "question"? Grow up. Clinton is not being kicked out to the curb like yesterday's garbage any more than Hubert Humphrey, Ted Kennedy, Dennis Kucinich, or any other man who lost a bid for the Presidency. [update: Howard Dean. Helloooooo?] It's politics, it's not "fair," and what's ironic is, Hillary Clinton totally understands that, because she's BEEN in politics for a very long time. Those supporters "who only bothered paying attention to politics" recently? Puh-leeze, most of Senator Clinton's supporters are working for her because they've paid attention for a long time. There are a great many more political neophytes in the Obama camp, which is part of why Clinton is losing. All of them have some catching up to do.

Oh, and now that you're paying attention to politics, commenter? How about some more political action from ya? You could even start with online feminist activism against stuff like this. The seeds of outrage have many verdant fields, my friend:

Monday, May 12

Salon Tonight 9 Eastern

Blue Gal's Salon 5/12 hosted by

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If there HAS to be a Guantanamo...'s time to send Joe Lieberman there.

He is a danger to this country of ours, an enemy combatant, and's time.

And don't get me started about the sugar all over Pat Buchanan's questioning.

Thursday, May 8

Don't tempt me.

Martha Stewart wants me to name her cows. [link]

A poem for a friend who is under the weather.

I hope you feel better, sweetie, and that this poem cheers you. - BG


She seemed so bored,
I wanted to embrace her by surprise;
But then the scalding waters
Fell from her eyes and burnt her roses.

I offered her a cup....

And came to paradise....

Ah, sorrow,
When she rose from the waves of wine
I thought she would have killed me
With the swords of her desolation....

Especially as I had tied her girdle
With the wrong bow.

_From the Arabic of Abu Nuas (eighth century)._

Wednesday, May 7

No, seriously, I still think I can win this thing.

I mean, seriously. John Amato at Crooks and Liars (no need to thank me for the link, JA) is a great candidate, and yes, he certainly CAN beat Malkin in November. But I can do it better. You just have to look carefully at the numbers, and make sure to count absolutely everyone coming here just searching for panties and leaving after less than five seconds. A hit is a hit. My opponent just can't match me for porn searchers, who, I've long believed, deserve to have their voices heard.

Here's some "news from Indiana" I stopped reading....

"To get a better idea of what goes on in...Hoosier bed rooms, we've created [the Indianapolis Star's] first-ever (anonymous) sex survey."

Good Morning, Democrats

After telling her victory celebrators it's "full-speed on to the White House," Senator Clinton, who just loaned her campaign another 6.4 million dollars, canceled her public appearances for today. Once I've had some antacid? I might even wish I was her. But right now I gotta go help John McCain pick between Condi and Huckabee.

Please pass the Pepto...

Tuesday, May 6

James Carville,
I forgive you and release you to the Holy Spirit.

Because you said this to Eleanor Clift:

"If she [Clinton] gave him [Obama] one of her cojones, they'd both have two."

Apparently you think you are a help and a friend to the Clintons.

I am finished with you. Go with God.

Busy day

Busy day over at the bigger blog including subbing for Mike so I won't be around here much.

I'm honored this morning to have a advertisement on my sidebar. The quiz is kind of hard, too. I only got 3 out of 5 right. And when they go to the lightning bonus round comparing John McCain to a carrot, I still didn't get them right.

Hopefully Move On will think the money was worth it. I can't get a full tank of gas with my "MoveOn Windfall," but I can take myself out to lunch and maybe get some SPF15 lip balm or something. And I can keep talking about my "MoveOn Windfall" to anyone who will listen, ha.

Those of you who were at salon last night, those YouPorn videos were funny, weren't they?

Have a good one. xo

Sunday, May 4

Deep Thought.

I am flabbergasted.

Kent State, 1970

You can read what I wrote here and here about the anniversary. It's today.

And yeah, you know you've been at this blogging thing a while when you can just refer to your own archives.

Saturday, May 3

Saturday Song

Maybe I'm an old fuddy-duddy, but I turn off the radio at young tinny sopranos who groan rather than sing. They seem to be everywhere.

Amy McDonald is the anti-tinny. I like.

Friday, May 2

No time for politics?

This anti-sufferage image from 1910, entitled "No Time for Politics", is by Charles Gibson, famous for his "Gibson Girls." Naturally, this lovely domestic scene is played out in my house all the time, except that as I pull one of my daughters (four and almost six) onto my lap these days, we are likely reviewing the Rules of Procedure of the Credentials Committee of the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Just saying.

Thursday, May 1

One last thing....

"Get Fuzzy" is really funny today.

Well, gee, maybe Bill Richardson will get a Christmas Card this year after all.

Joe Andrew? Not so much.

And Joe? I'd pay paper money to hear you say "You can actually be for someone without being against someone else." to James Carville's face.

I got 'em right here, Drifty.

When he reached a million hits, he said...

"Damn, I was told there'd be strippers."

And to his blog's second birfday cake, he said...

"Where does the stripper go?"

Notice a trend? So now that the man who freely admits that he blogs for the money and the chicks (yeah don't we all) has reached his 1500th post (and he was kind enough to notice mine)...

I got your strippers right here, Drifty.

(leave your congratulations over there I don't need no stinkin' stripper comments.) :)