Saturday, May 10

Saturday Song

The Beatles in 1964:


  1. geez, so young and i was younger.

    where has it gone?

  2. Why do girls scream at concerts?

  3. The irony is telling. Not meaning to sound Archie Bunker here, but this song could read...Working class Irish lad sings straight-faced a song written and performed originally by a bisexual black man who used the opportunity to have sex with The Beatles' Jewish (and incredibly closeted) manager.

    Read between the lines.

  4. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Little Richard And Epstein?


    Great version BG, thanks for posting!!!

    Wish there was some camera on George for his breaks, he actually put more than one or two notes together in a run!!!

    I was at The Palace Of Cows, when they invaded Brisbane, CA.

    First in '64, then again in '65.

    My older sister was 13, and 15.

    I was 11 and 12.

    First time, didn't hear a single word. I DO recall Jackie DeShannon opening up and doing the Isley's hit Shout, a standard for here then.

    Second time, I vaguely recall hearing music. Paperback Writer? Rain? I forget . . .

    Here's some footage of the '64 show, often described as the '65 show, but with broken audio dubbed in from a Hollywood Bowl show.

    Man, if you spin their stuff, start to finish, and sample stuff along the way, it's incredible what they put out. And how they changed it all. To listen to how they grew, as the technology grew.

    I watched my sister tear her hair out and toss Jelly Baby's at Ringo, in '64, as we sat about row 36 center stage, BEHIND the band in the middle of The Palace.

    Good timeh!!! *G*

  5. Anonymous2:10 AM

    Sigh, typo. Sister was 14, and 15. We were three years apart. My bad.


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