Friday, May 16

How many ex-husbands does it take
to screw in a lightbulb?

I don't know, I won't be around to find out.*

How many Democratic Underground/A-blog trolls does it take to offend a smart, politically-aware woman?


*No offense intended to the former Mr. Blue Gal--we're cordial and everything and we'll always have our wonderful children to nurture--particularly as regards their education. And by the way, the lightbulbs are in the closet in the big bathroom.

+++Seriously, why does anyone read that shit?

PS. Looks like Joe Biden wants to be our darlin'. Welcome to the leftie blogosphere's cocktail party and do take a seat next to me on the divan, Senator. We love a man who can cuss just a little, 'specially about the Preznit.

I couldn't find a good "man doesn't know how to screw in a lightbulb" video, but I did find this:


  1. you've got me laughing so hard i've got tears!!!!

    thanks, i need that today! ; )

  2. You must use very big lightbulbs!

    I'm not an ex....yet, but I'm sure my better half wouldn't mind if I stopped by to hold the ladder for ya.

    I'll even offer instructions if needed, but you seem bright enough to change a bulb. You've changed marital status and that's a much tougher do.

    Lightbulbs aren't in my contract. Just bug-killing, toilet seat putting down, tp roll changing and heavy lifting.

    Should I suggest a reopening of negotiations?

    BTW, Biden spoke for a great many folks when he called Bullshit. Stuff like that should have become routine by now...

  3. i usually say 'congrats' when divorces happen- not because i am happy about it- but because the adults in the marriage had the courage to do the right thing. my husband would sit in the dark forever. he is not so good at the self sufficiency thing. :)

  4. Some of the ads in that campaign were pretty damn funny.

    It was great to hear Biden go off. It's been great hearing all the Dems go off, actually.

  5. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I have to say, that ad was clever. And kudos to Biden. Let's face facts, he's usually a blowhard, but he nailed that one. Short and sweet....and dead on.


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