Friday, April 29



"Okay boys, I've got my Daisy Duke's riding my crotch, since that's the universal signal for "female looking for love" but ooh, I must peek through the blinds while pointing my ass to the camera to signify my hope that there's no felons or marrieds answering my ad." They can screen for felons and marrieds but somehow forgot to screen their ad agency for intelligence.

And whenever she is tempted to feel jealous at the beautiful young bodies of this world, Blue Gal reminds herself that she has degrees from places this girl can't spell.

Tuesday, April 26

How could we make this stuff up?

Bill Frist, that erring on the side of life hero in the Terri Schiavo case, actually spent his years at Harvard Medical School pretending to adopt cats from the Humane Society and then killing them with his own medical experiments.

Wanna read the sick details? Here.

Blue Gal now orders everyone on the planet to refer to Bill Frist as "that cat killer."

And Blue Gal has one other question, people: Have we landed on another planet and we just didn't notice?


Thursday, April 21

Oooh ma gawd...

Blue Gal smells a tipping point. John Kerry channels Jim Wallis and it's almost a Morning in America moment.

Watch the video here. How many "values" did you count?

And is Tom Delay just, gosh, so Nixonian? I mean, Blue Gal thought John Dean was sexy when she was ten years old!

Who said this wasn't gonna be fun, kids? We are watching the Repubs flush themselves...this once-every-thirty-years comet doesn't come along often enough, so don't miss it! This is gonna delay (no pun intended) old Daniel Schorr's retirement another five, betcha.

Blue Gal's new bumpersticker. Okay, I created it myself in Word:

One more Yankee transplant, gay-loving,
weak defense, big spending liberal for Jesus.

Should go over real big here in Birmingham, Alabama.

Tuesday, April 19

Sorry, I like my Catholicism over easy.

Blue Gal was feeling pretty good when she got an email (fer real) from her buddy Michael Moore, ya know, just checking on me and wondering what his next step should be (fer real). The text of his email is as follows


How's it going? Ready for the next step?

Let me know what you've been up to and any ideas you have about what our next move should be (write me at the addresses below).

Meanwhile, I'll be in conclave this week handing out goodie bags and running for pope. Wish me well!


Michael Moore

Oh Mike honey, what happened? Fahrenheit 9-11 condoms in the goodie bags? What were you thinking?

Blue Gal was so hoping for a laid back church, ya know, follow up John Paul with a finger snappin' Pope George Ringo, with sidebets on Pope Giblets.

But this! Benedict the Sixteenth and he's like, from something outta Hogan's Heroes? A friendly Nazi? Bavarian? and um, stricter than Sister Mary Queen of Hearts back at Our Lady of Perpetual Brainwashing? Off with their heads theology?

Sweet Jesus. And ya know Blue Gal means that literally.

Jesus loves the little children

Thursday, April 14

Are we having immigrant problems yet?

Memo to those wacky Minutemen:

Ya know, everything would be much better in this country if the natives had spent more on border control and had stronger anti-immigration policies.


See the full size map here.

Friday, April 8

Best question I've heard this week. about "erring on the side of life" by bringing our soldiers safely home from Iraq?

Blog de la Resistance is after my own heart. She's a knitter who romances an old fart Norwegian, too. My missing evil twin, n'est-ce pas?

She and I will have to fight over the 'evil' part on a later post.


Tuesday, April 5

Confrontations and delay, er, deLay

Blue Gal had a confrontation with a co-worker over the whole Schiavo thang, and it just ticked her off until the co-worker said Fox News was a "balancer" with _all_ the other news media. Then Blue Gal noticed co-worker's skull was empty, and she stopped being mad all of a sudden. Hmm.

The Raisin has the privilege of not associating with many skull empties. One of his associates recently emailed him:
I tend to agree with you that any announced effort by DeLay or others to curb court jurisdiction, or to reallocate between state courts and the feds, will not get off the ground... And there may be another reason. Even DeLay has to realize that any in-depth discussion of the judicial function -- on cable, in the papers, or in other forums -- is likely over time to educate the American public about the legitimate role of the courts, in both common law and constitutional adjudication, and eventually would reveal the ad hoc lunacy of what Frist and others (including some Dems) tried to pull off recently. I may be naive in my belief that the marketplace of ideas, when dealing with accurate information and composed of more that sound bites and shouting, ultimately generates good sense in the American people. I question whether DeLay would want to take that risk. I think you're right; he and others will ratchet up the demagoguery of judicial selection so that they can throw around accusations about judicial activism, without generating careful inspection of who the real activists were this last time around: certainly not the judges!
Blue Gal does not think Raisin's friend is naive at all. It may take decades, but we cannot be outFoxed forever. And we activists are not sitting on our skulls (or in front of our televisions) while we are watching for the long cold night of shame that awaits our nation.