Friday, July 29

A quiz for you...


1. Condoleeza Rice is

A. Secretary of State
B. A former director for Chevron Oil
C. The name of a Chevron Oil Tanker
D. All of the above, no frickin lie.

2. I heard a caller on Open Source radio last night talking about knitting. Could that have been Blue Gal?

A. Blue Gal has plausible deniability, just like Karl Rove!
B. Blue Gal does not blog about knitting, until now.
C. When Blue Gal starts her blog about knitting, Condoleeza Rice, the Chevron Oil Tanker, will eat her ever fun so lovin' heart out..
D. All of the above, no frickin lie.

Monday, July 25

A favorite recipe

So far Blue Gal has avoided printing recipes (and plugging other bloggers) but the woman who made cat litter cake for her office deserves a medal and a beer, and the frigging Pillsbury Bake Off winner should kiss her butt.

The recipe is on the July 25 post here.

Sunday, July 24

Just a couple questions...

1. What does the new Supreme Court appointee think about the Downing Street Memo?

2. What do the British police and bombing suspects think about Karl Rove's leak?

Huh? Oh, I guess Blue Gal is just so yesterday.

Monday, July 18

Life, the Universe, and Blue Gal's Birthday


So Blue Gal did not think this year's birthday (Jul 16), which she shares with Barbara Stanwyck, Mary Baker Eddy, and her own mother, was anything particularly special, until she remembered that her age is also the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Makes a certain amount of sense.

What doesn't make sense is that if Jude Law was gonna have an affair, why didn't he have it with Blue Gal? Oh, because then he would never, and I mean EVER, apologize for even one damn minute of it, Sienna.

Is Karl Rove goin' to jail? Yeah, the thought just gets our Blue panties wetter than a philandering Jude Law, dunnit? Well, it ain't gonna happen and Blue Gal don't even think he'll get fired over it. I mean, ex-squeeze me, but it seems to me you can't punish just one guy in this administration for sacrificing national security to further the President's political agenda. Isn't that what this whole fricking war is about? [But let me just groove for a minute on Karl sharing a cell with Bob Novak. Aaaah, that's good.]

Call her a cynic, but Blue Gal thinks these bozos just put up a united front and read the on-message card in their pocket (Which Karl wrote himself, natch) and the public gets bored and everybody just moves on to whose gonna win Survivor Sixteen. And don't get too cocky, Blues, the bastards learned this trick from the Clintons. So did Jude Law.

Stay cool, beautiful Anne. We love ya.

Oh, and today's my parents' 43rd Anniversary. As my dad would say, that's more than nine months, save ya some math.