Monday, October 31

Happy, uh, Fall Festival?


Blue Gal's so busy dodging "Fall Festivals" she can't stand it. These are the Bible Belt's answer to that evil holiday, Halloween. So the churches down here have a "fall festival" complete with costumed children, candy, and a Veggie Tales puppet show so the little goblins can go home thinkin' 'bout how Jesus died up there on the cross rather than how the boogie man's gonna get them.

More on this from World O' Crap, who does a much better job and Explaining It All For You than Blue Gal could.

Oh, and if ya wanna discuss Dubya's new nomination, go 'head, consider this an open thread. But read profmarcus on the dangers of changing the subject first.

Happy Halloween, you good little children. And God Bless.

Friday, October 28

The Democrats have a little problem...


This just in from American Prospect, which Blue Gal can only describe as Neo Lib:

DEPARTMENT OF "HEH." At Nancy Pelosi's press conference today, the subject of the Democrats' new agenda package and the planned date of its unveiling came up:

Q: To follow up on the other question about the agenda, when do you think we might be able to get an idea about the Democrats' agenda that you were talking about?

Ms. Pelosi: When we are ready to do so. As I said, it would be helpful if there were no arrests, subpoenas, or indictments on whatever day it is. We would like a clear shot at it.

It's a legitimate concern.

Nonetheless, Blue Gal is bracing herself to be disappointed by Fitzmas. Besides, two o'clock eastern is too early in the day for champagne. But meebe some Sam Adams Octoberfest?

Off-topic, what's with sticking little yellow flags with Dubya's picture on it on dog poop? Is this some kind of artistic statement about pooper scooper laws, political advertising, or the President's policies? The medium is the message? Uh, Blue Gal is confused, and art that is confusing is not funny. Blue Gal sprang from the loins of artists, uh, sorry about that visual, but still. She was brought up to know that art that is not funny should at least be a "giggle in the middle of a nightmare." [Hat tip, BG's mom. and BG's Dad has a funny postcard here, btw.]

BG is not giggling at yellow Bush flags in dog poop. It is just too obvious.

Have a good weekend, dear readers.

Thursday, October 27

Chicken Soup for the Unqualified,
Stepped Down SCOTUS Nominee


While a great many Americans were lighting candles to commemorate the 2000th soldier death in Iraq, Harriet Miers lit a candle for herself. Blue Gal was glad to see it gave the Today Show an opportunity to interview Senator Ted.

Her timing was perfect; the story of her stepdown knocked right off the front page Exxon profits up 75%. There'll be a thank you note in your cubby from Vice, HM. You're the bestest ever!!!

Lefty bloggers know this is no cause for celebration. Next will be a "true" conservative with just enough "qualifications" to make the Senate Repubs play nice. But at least we won't have to look at Harriet or suffer three exclamation point statements in court rulings for the rest of her lifetime appointment.

Still waiting for Fitzmas. The parody Christian conservative er, the website CFAV doesn't exactly have Fitzgerald in bed with us Democrats. But might as well be. Hiding Howard Dean's salami indeed.

Blue Gal wishes she knew photoshop, as if the internet does not take up enough of her time. She added AIM to her repetoire last night under BlueBlogger. Add her to friends if ya wish, but be warned, she does not log in after tub time.

Tuesday, October 25

The Yellowcake Mix Doctor is IN...


By now many of you have read this recipe. Turns out that while Bushco was selling the war by saying Iraq wanted yellowcake from Niger, Saddam had a stockpile of Pillsbury pudding in the mix right there in Iraq, and we knew all about it. Still, this proves Saddam Hussein is not a careful brand shopper: Betty Crocker has those silverware points on the boxtops and he could have gotten his aluminum tubes by mail for free!

Apparently, Colin Powell wouldn't help with the frosting. Such a coincidence, as Blue Gal was gonna make a yellow cake tomorrow night for her boys' birthday party. Colin, honey, you're invited.

Waiting for Fitzmas. And most of the Fitzmas carols are kinda lame, leftys. But Democracy Guy's Story of Fitzmas is a good one. Blue Gal has a weakness for fellow native Ohioans. xoxo

Monday, October 24

Don't Sugarcoat It awards for October 24


Blue Gal's most recent Don't Sugarcoat It award goes to Jurassic Pork over at Yep, another Goddamned blog for his open letter to the Democratic Leadership. Well written, even poetic, and his laundry list of issues We Care About is succinct and correct. Blue Gal loves his depiction [addressed to the all-too-wimpy Democratic leadership] of Mesdames Pelosi and Boxer:

Watch Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer in action some time. Nancy Pelosi putting Tom DeLay’s arrest warrant on the democratic leader’s website (it’s since been taken down. Hm) showed bigger, more hirsute and semen-engorged cajones than the rest of the Democratic House showed during the 108th session of Congress.

Watch Barb Boxer live up to her name and learn how to filet and not fellate an over-the-hill schoolyard bully like John Bolton or put Condi Rice’s well-shod feet to the fire...

Observe how fearless these ladies are of the stale and moldy as year-old bread charges of partisanship. Observe how dedicated they are to their constituency and the American people in general and let it rub off on you.

There's more, and you should read it, but since Blue Gal's Sunday School teacher might be reading too, she won't quote the really nasty bits. They're good though.

Honorable mention in the no sugarcoating category goes to a Republican Blue Gal loves, David Gergen. This has been quite a week for Gergen, in hot demand from talking heads shows because, well, he's a Republican that, surprise, never was asked to work for Dubya or never did. Either way, it's because he's intelligent and has integrity, so any job in this White House would not be a "good match" personnel-wise.

By now most of you have heard or read his "wheels are off the wagon" comment about this ugly period in White House history. He also is sticking to the guns re the "Cheney might be indicted" story, and sticking it to the Republican talking point that the treasongate story is being blown out of proportion:

I don't think that the press has over-dramatized this story. This is a major, important story in American political life. After all, the investigation, we know, is focusing on the two men who are closest to the President and the Vice-President of the United States. That's point one. And secondly, rapidly, if there are indictments, this story is also becoming an indictment of the way the Bush administration led us into war. Those are two important, dramatic stories.

In Talking Head Land, for a Republican to say that is more than a Don't Sugarcoat It moment.

Scooter, since you're in charge of the enemies list, please pencil in "and Blue Gal" right after Gergen's name, will ya?

Gergen's last stint at the White House was actually with Clinton because Clinton was smart enough to hire him. It's probably sacrilege for someone named "Blue Gal" to say it, but there is a brand of Repubs, Jesu Christi we ain't seen 'em much lately, who are class acts. They're intelligent and have integrity. They don't happen to be on Fox News or in this administration (duh), but William Weld, David Gergen, and a few others are actually decent human beings. Blue Gal hopes and prays that when this cesspool of a White House gets cleaned out, starting at the top, we not only have a Democratic Majority but hand over the Republican Party to some people with intelligent vision. And Gergen, honey, you're at the top of Blue Gal's list.

If any Blue Gal groupies wanna encourage Gergen to keep the faith and the courage, you may do so here if you tell him Blue Gal sent you.

PN: Happy Birthday to her favorite ACLU board member. xoxoxo

Sunday, October 23

Just a little weekend housekeeping...


Blue Gal cleaned up her sidebar a bit and added her Bloglines subscriptions. If yours is over there, Blue Gal reads it.

If yours isn't over there, consider yerself invited to post yer blog in comments below and Blue Gal will give it a look see. Happy to do so, too.

Finally, those of you who link to Blue Gal, thank you. The name of this blog is "Blue Gal". If you have the old name, Blue Gal in a Red State, she changed it so she would not be in competition with blogs of the same name. When you get a chance (no rush) please update your sidebars. And thanks.

Friday, October 21

But where is the DeLay photo?


Aw no you don't. Blue Gal is gonna be one blog that doesn't post that ugly grimace. But in the words of another fallen Republican crook, let me say this about that.

1. Kudos to the handlers. Blue Gal hopes her own Christmas Card photo looks as good. You trumped all expectations for the glazed eye, black and white, prisoner with a number shot. [PS the famous Helen Wheels has her example here.] We lefty bloggers haven't been disappointed this good for a while. It's too bad you guys don't work for FEMA, New Orleans would be rebuilt by now.

2. On the other hand, you now work for an indicted and soon to be convicted felon. But with a look like that, meebe Borowitz is right and your boss can just go on raising money in prison.

3. The best alternative DeLay photo is with Blue Gal's long time friends at Falafel Sex.

Yesterday was a real busy day at Blue Gal, and a few of her readers spent the boring work day watching her hit counter go up, for fun. If yer brain is bored today, she suggests this really good poem at Writer's Almanac.

Finally, Blue Gal had an interesting query yesterday in her email:

Blue Gal, I'm discouraged. Are we lefty bloggers just the same one hundred thousand people talking to each other over and over again?

Answer: Why yes we are, reader. But we are the cool one hundred thousand people talking to each other over and over again.

Blue Gal loves her new readers, specially those who wrote in or commented. Her calendar is gettin' full with all the reciprocal visits she plans to make in kind.

Thursday, October 20



A big smooch to the Beautiful People coming from Crooks and Liars. Get the full frontal Blue Gal here.

Blue Gal really tries in her Christian heart of hearts to love all mankind, and at least not to hate anybody. She kneels in church, for real, and prays for the soul of Dick Cheney, for Christ's sake. Really for Christ's sake. She sees that Jesus on the Cross thingy up at the front of the church and she thinks to herself there but for the grace of God go I and she thinks to herself "now whose soul is so far on its way to hell that it really needs a prayer?" and she prays for Cheney.

But it's hard not to hate Bill O'Reilly. It's really hard, Bill. You are such a fricking hypocritical liar poseur idiot loudmouth a-hole.

Blue Gal's mother says that you can always find something nice to say about anybody. "Hitler loved his canary," She would say. Uh, okay Mom:

Bill O'Reilly has more journalistic integrity than Brit Hume.

How's that, Mom? Will that work for you?

Anyhoo, Blue Gal has added a Media Matters newsbox to her ol' sidebar. You can see why over there, and you can click down at the bottom of that box to get your own Media Matters newsbox for your site. That hiring assassin-ator George Soros (deity, does not need Blue Gal's prayers, has Comrade Jesus at his side, etc.) has made this a free service for ya. Thanks George. xoxo

Wednesday, October 19

Let's clear up all these rumors!


Blue Gal has just had it with all these blogosphere rumors! Stop it! (click on the rumor to see source material, then watch as Blue Gal completely debunks it!)

1. Karl Rove and Tom DeLay will share a cell.

NO WAY! Every prison warden in America, and specially those in Texas, knows you don't put two tops together. Gets ugly real quick like.

2. Cheney will resign and be replaced by Condi.

Condi can't handle losing her frequent flyer miles and international shopping opportunities. And if Cheney resigns for "health reasons", he'll have to spend at least a couple years on the Wyoming ranch rather than the Halliburton Katrina clean up headquarters. Yep, Halliburton sure is cleaning up after Katrina. They might want their money back.

Blue Gal just can't link enough re Cheney and Halliburton. Google it for yerselves, kids.

3. It's all true about Blue Gal and Anderson Cooper.

Blue Gal issued the standard non-denial denial on this one WEEKS ago. When will you people give up?

Tuesday, October 18

Change of pace...


Yesterday's post left Blue Gal and some readers feeling pensive. She thought she'd post more of the same this morning, but then this came across the screen:

From the October 11 broadcast of American Family Radio's Today's Issues:

CALLER: I just wanted to make a comment that you really, really, really have to watch what you are watching on TV. I have come upon evidence of homosexuality and lesbian people on programs like HGTV and Animal Planet, where you really don't expect this to be an issue.

WILDMON: Right. You're very perceptive, [caller], because that does happen, even in the most innocent of places. You have to watch out for children's programs today as well because they'll slip it in there as well.

Course we all know 'bout SpongeBob and Patrick being lovers. Interesting how Focus on the Family zeroed in on that factoid while completely ignoring that the entire premise of SpongeBob is

crabby patties
cooked at Krusty Krab
in Bikini Bottom

The blatant fact that the entire show is one big gynecological joke goes right over the, ahem, head, of Dobson and company.

While we're on the subject of, um, "homosexuals and lesbian people" [nice diction there, caller] Blue Gal wants to give a loving shout out to Barney Frank, who used ta be her own self's congressman back so long ago when Blue Gal even shook the hand of Barney's sainted mother (she was a DOLL too, for real).

Responding to reports that [allegedly gay Congressman David] Dreier was nixed [as Tom DeLay's replacement] because he was a moderate, openly gay congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) remarked, “Yes, in the sense that I marched in the moderate pride parade last summer and went to a moderate bar.” hat tip: Raw Story

Guess we leftys still have a lot to laugh about if we stick to promoting the homosexual agenda. (love ya, Intous and Queerty, and of course I mean that in a very straight, Christian way).


Monday, October 17

Scorched Earth


The end of this war is in sight, lefty bloggers.

We may see indictments this week, or next. Vice his own self may be involved.

Blue Gal is not sure whether to muse about 1972... or 1862.

You see, we are engaged in a great civil war. And having read so many of the lefty blogs out there, Blue Gal can see a pause, a stunned pause, as we embark on the righteous destruction of this insidious evil.

Blue Gal wants all of us to pause. Because we are about to lose the fun. This will not be fun, or funny. Saying "we told you so" is not nearly so fun as the smug outrage to which we have all become so addicted. When MSM begins to agree with us, we are no longer smarter than everyone else.

Yes, we shall prevail. Against the stolen election of 2000, against the lies which started the war in Iraq, against the tortured and uncounted souls of Abu Gharib and Guantanamo, against wickedness in high places.

Ah, Blue Gal is about to get Biblical. Nah, let's get Lincoln out here:

Now, we are engaged in a great Civil War, testing whether that Nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us...that this Nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the People by the People and for the People shall not perish from the earth."

Blue Gal almost forgot that Lincoln put the "under God" stuff in there. He didn't "almost cross it out" before he gave the speech either. He did not worry about offending some Unitarian out there.

We lefty bloggers have a great task before us. Are we dedicated? Can we endure?

Are we humble enough to allow the great unwashed bastards who voted for Bush, to learn what we have known all along? Will we sit up with that sleepless weeping guilty throng during the long cold night of shame that our nation must now face?

Those of us who pray have an even greater task. We must put our finger to our lips,





and pray.

Blue Gal has been oh so tempted, yes, by Satan, to believe that Brit Hume, O'Reilly, Vice, Rove, Rice, Rummy, Dubya, and company are such liars as to be themselves without souls. They celebrate an Iraqi constitution which may last three months while systematically dismantling our own model which has lasted two centuries. But, while they are bastards, they are also human. And they will suffer for their sins, just as we all do. (Heck, Blue Gal's sins keep her busy 24/7.) Our nation of SUV's and cell phone cameras and botox injections and talking Christmas trees will suffer. We, ALL OF US, will be forced to face the vain, selfish, evil within.

Take a moment, fellow leftys, to consider the battle ahead. As the tide turns in our favor, let us pause, and be humbly, humbly, grateful.

Wednesday, October 12

Blue Gal - the sex toy edition


Since Blue Gal submitted her blog last night to I talk too much for consideration, Blue Gal also figured it was time to get off the stick, uh, and do a sex toy post. (JR, this is only in honor of your birthday if you want it to be).

Did you know that if you sing the Sesame Street song Rubber Duckie in a deep sultry voice with lots of sighs and moans as if it is a sex toy, the song still makes complete sense?

Rubber Duckie
You're the one. (mmmmm...)
You make bathtime
Lots of fun. (sigh)
Rubber Duckie
I'm awfully fond of you. (OOOOH OOOOH OOOOH)

Rubber Duckie,
Joy. Of. Joys.
When I sqeeeeze you
You make noise!
Rubber Duckie
It's TRUE.

Course, when Blue Gal composed this post in her mind, she had no idea they actually made this. Yuk.

These kind of moments seem to be happening a lot to Blue Gal lately, like she's psychic or something. Remember when she joked that Halliburton would get a no-bid contract to clean up after Katrina, then it actually happened? So she knows just how the Onion feels, then, when she found out they joked back in February 2004 about Gillette making a five blade razor with two, count 'em, two, aloe strips. Well, guess what? Hat tip: TMFTML.

By the way girls, talk too much seems to be One Of Us, and is worth a visit. Aw heck, give her the Don't Sugarcoat It award for today for this worthwhile quote:

I generally find that “I haven’t spoken to the groom since he gave me an STD” is a good excuse to get out of a wedding, and generally doesn’t prompt a huge discussion.

Blue Gal's off on a trip with the fam and will be back next week. Ciao, dahlinks.

Tuesday, October 11

Think again...


The Christian Science Monitor has never been known as a leftist publication. Hardly. So this editorial pointing out that the Iraq war won't bring more oil or make the oil companies richer is kinda pointing out too, that this administration is a buncha ijits, even without saying so. Wonder if Condi's friends at Chevron have read it. Hm.

If you want to get back to the religious side of things, this ACLU guy David J. Langum was quoted over at Big Daddy Malcontent, the latest addition to the Blue Gal sidebar.

Blue Gal invites her fellow Alabamians to wait in the Chick-fil-a drive thru wearing this beauty:


Monday, October 10

She makes it look easy...


Several friends have commented, and her husband has complained, that Blue Gal has been blogging a lot. And that it must be terribly time consuming to come up with a topic and write something funny about it.

But when Kos hints Dubya should nominate someone who has no allegiance to him, Mister Dean wants him to stop hiding the salami, our fearless leader his own self FLIP FLOPS on whether God told him to invade Iraq, and then God His Own Self denies taking the call...well...let's just say this is not the most difficult job Blue Gal's ever hadda do.

Some bloggers are looking at the threat of Avian Bird Flu as some sort of Karl Rove inspired conspiracy. But the actual Avian Bird Flu conspiracy has nothing to do with Karl Rove, and everything to do with Alexander McQueen Couture at Milan Fashion Week. Here's proof:

yes, those are "God is sending the flu" flip flops

The most difficult blogging decision today was whether to include that image or just link to it. Blue Gal readers entrust her with those kind of tough decisions, and she hopes and prays that she never betrays that trust. But she suspects she just did. Uh, sorry.

Friday, October 7

In local news...


Blue Gal's being told that Alabamians need to hang their heads in shame 'cause their Senator, Jeff Sessions (R - idiot)* voted against the anti-torture bill.

*Hat tip: Birmingham Blues. And good one, Blues, on Blue Gal's own congressman Spencer Bachus postponing indefinitely a fundraiser for Tom DeLay. We used to have a phrase up in Massachusetts: "Dawn breaks over Marblehead..."

Anyhoo, just a reminder to y'all that Alabamians ain't never picked up their heads since George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door. Shame, especially of our politicians, comes naturally down here.

Speaking of shame, isn't it ironic that the Nobel committee awarded the Peace Prize to a guy who Bushco tried to get fired? Blue Gal, once again, can't stop laughing.

The Don't Sugarcoat It Award goes the inspirationally named Hey Jenny Slater blog for this first-rate review:

If you have ever dreamed of a day when you would finally cease to be amazed by just how far some Republicans can willingly bury their snouts in George W. Bush's hiney-hole, Blogs for Bush is, unsurprisingly, not for you. They tie themselves into such fanciful knots trying to spin Bush as a genius that you really just can't help but laugh, and the closest the site ever comes to anything approaching actual debate is when one of the bloggers says Bush is awesome and another one insists he is, in fact, really really awesome.

Blue Gal cut and paste this here but left out the Blogs for Bush link. Find it for yourselves, readers, Blue Gal has no desire to go there.

Have a nice weekend, folks, and keep the faith.

Thursday, October 6

But Howard, I got yer Salami riiight here....


Howard Dean said to MSNBC:

in the this case, I think with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, you can't play, you know, hide the salami, or whatever it's called. He's got to go out there and say something about this woman who's going to a 20 or 30-year appointment, a 20 or 30-year appointment to influence America. We deserve to know something about her.

Actually, Howard, it's called sex the felafel. (Don't have hot coffee in your mouth when you click that linkie.)

Blue Gal readers who are doing the potty dance waiting for Karl Rove to get his indictment better prepare, too, for the Rapture. Blue Gal volunteers to be your spiritual guide through these tumultuous hours, when your smug disbelief gives way to halleujahs and Praise Jesus and thank you Lord! The scales will fall from your eyes, lefty bloggers, and you will see as you have never seen before, the divine hand in all things.

When this happens, Blue Gal prescribes the three B's of Christian leftie-ism:

1. Beck's Dark
2. Bach, preferably a Mass (this will keep your brain cells thinking, "Ah this is an intellectual thang)
3. Bookmark Blue Gal

You should also meditate on this image, even though it makes our Lord look like Jason Lee:



Wednesday, October 5

Blue Gal's Blog Round Up


It's a shortcut, but hey, Blue Gal wants to knit today, and blogging is not knitting. [above is a snagged pic, not BG's stash. St. Peter will meet BG at the pearly gates with this closet and a fist full of Inox's, though.]

Blue Gal's gonna hire a sitter to go see Good Night and Good Luck. And use grocery money to buy the soundtrack, too.

Birmingham Blues knows Alabama is paying for its sins.

And Weird Wally blames Karma for DeLay's woes.

Pandagon notes that folks in Indiana will just hafta put away their turkey basters and get pregnant the old fashioned way.

Life Starts Now
puts Blue Gal in a blender. She's never felt so good!

In the funniest hit of the day, Sadly, No! hopes to make Alberto Gonzalez feel better.

Still confused about intelligent design? Hey, Radar Online calls Tori Spelling's divorce "the work of a divine, eugenically conscious hand."

Best all around read: Falafel Sex on buying Barbies for your little boy.

And finally, George Will is really trying hard to be one of the Republicans Blue Gal loves. He hates Harriet Miers, and says outright "...the president has forfeited his right to be trusted as a custodian of the Constitution." Ooh, Georgie honey, keep talkin' that way and Blue Gal's gonna hafta change her undie panties!

Tuesday, October 4

Day One of the Blue Gal hearings...


Promising that he would keep his camera phone in his pocket this time, Senator Orrin Hatch (R, Utah) opened confirmation hearings for the Blue Gal nomination to SCOTUS.

"I'm pleased to see, as I'm sure my colleagues also noted, that Blue Gal comes to us today not only free of any allegiance to the President, but also completely devoid of any visible panty line." said Senator Hatch, referring to an embarrassing episode during confirmation hearings of one of Blue Gal's predecessors, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The hearings proceeded with testimony from Blue Gal colleagues and supporters:

The first testifier was Anonymous, author of several "inside the beltway" novels and countless blogosphere comments:

"Look, I wouldn't post anything bad about Blue Gal. Sure, I think her interests are a bit sick and perverted, but I'm okay with that."

NPR Correspondent Nina Totenberg noted that a majority of the committee members from both sides nodded in agreement with this comment.

Longtime Blue Gal associate Akabini also supported Blue Gal's nomination, pointing out that if Blue Gal is:

"a suburban housewife, then Tom Jones is a Welshman who sings a little."

Blue Gal herself noted that despite the accolades, today was a difficult day for her.

"You see, this morning The Birmingham News had a page one story about that jerk-off Roy Moore announcing his campaign for Governor of Alabama. And since undoubtedly the entire country will be bringing suit against a Governor Roy Moore for one constitutional violation after another, Blue Gal feels it is not appropriate for her to comment on any of the previous occasions when Mr. Moore pissed on the Constitution of the United States of America."

"Ooh, you're good." remarked Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D, Delaware). It could not be concluded whether Senator Biden was remarking on Blue Gal's sworn statement or on the camera phone photo he had just taken from under the witness table.

Senator Russell Feingold (D, Wisconsin) asked Blue Gal whether she could give some general opinion of the state of the blogosphere.

"There are some other bloggers out there, some good, some not so good, who are nevertheless flying under the radar of the general blogosphere." Blue Gal noted. "These blogs are associated with Salon, and should be browsed by Blue Gal readers for their content and creativity."

Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R, PA) was asked just how long these hearings would continue. "My colleagues and I will be checking the Technorati numbers on that and make a determination based on those figures."

Monday, October 3

Quotes for the day...


Regarding the new SCOTUS nominee...

"I reserve the right to change my mind, but Miers' biggest sin, at this early juncture, is her allegiance to Bush." --Kos at Daily Kos

Blue Gal couldn't agree more. There are plenty of white women with absolutely no judicial experience, Blue Gal her own self, for one, who have not a single lick of allegiance to Bush, and can prove it before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Dubya should nominate one of them. (If nominated, Blue Gal reserves the right to sneak a wink or two to Senator Ted during the hearings. Liberal fossils turn her on.)

In Book Reviews:

"That Ann [Coulter] is a regular Henny Youngman! (Except that, despite being dead for several years, he's still funnier.)"
World o' Crap
, one of Blue Gal's new favorite blogs. Read the entire post, for it will make you laugh.

And despite Blue Gal being an advertising free zone:

This episode brought to you by Fidel Castro for Stroh's Light.

Saturday, October 1

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for Oct 1


Blue Gal does not kid herself that most of her readers have not already read this. Between Daily Kos and Crooks and Liars, this wonderful rant has had over seven hundred comments, mostly of the "you go, Hunter!" variety.

But he still wins the "Don't sugarcoat it" award for today. Rarely on the internet is something this long worth reading, but this is worth every minute. Congratulations, Hunter.

Blue Gal is a little behind on her bloglines reading, and just learned that Martian Anthropologist is in the hospital. Speedy recovery, Martian, we love ya.