Tuesday, October 25

The Yellowcake Mix Doctor is IN...


By now many of you have read this recipe. Turns out that while Bushco was selling the war by saying Iraq wanted yellowcake from Niger, Saddam had a stockpile of Pillsbury pudding in the mix right there in Iraq, and we knew all about it. Still, this proves Saddam Hussein is not a careful brand shopper: Betty Crocker has those silverware points on the boxtops and he could have gotten his aluminum tubes by mail for free!

Apparently, Colin Powell wouldn't help with the frosting. Such a coincidence, as Blue Gal was gonna make a yellow cake tomorrow night for her boys' birthday party. Colin, honey, you're invited.

Waiting for Fitzmas. And most of the Fitzmas carols are kinda lame, leftys. But Democracy Guy's Story of Fitzmas is a good one. Blue Gal has a weakness for fellow native Ohioans. xoxo

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  1. How's this for a Fitzmas carol idea?

    It's beginning to look a lot like Nixon...


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