Thursday, May 9

The Professional Left Episode 802: Twelve Angry Men Is a Lie


A black-and-white movie from decades ago taught us something that just isn't true about the "power of persuasion." This and the week's news -- more at

Tuesday, May 7

This Podcast Comes With A Trigger Warning

⚠️ Trigger Warning: Trump Trauma ⚠️ 

 On this week's "No Fair Remembering Stuff" episode, we dive into the collective amnesia many Americans seem to have about the complete shit-show that was 2020 under the Trump administration's "leadership." 

How have so many already forgotten that for an entire year, we had a petulant man-child occupying the Oval Office who utterly botched the federal pandemic response at every turn? An incompetent egomaniac who could never admit failure or take responsibility, instead choosing to gaslight and distract. 

As the COVID-19 crisis raged out of control, Trump was more concerned with protecting his fragile ego than protecting American lives. From endorsing unhinged disinfectant theories to downplaying the virus's severity, this deranged narcissist's negligence led to thousands of preventable deaths on his watch. 

But for many, blotting out those traumatic memories is a coping mechanism. Our brains simply can't process the gaslighting, ignorance, and criminality that defined the Trump regime's pandemic mismanagement. A perfectly understandable psychological defense. 

However, we can never allow ourselves to forget and become complacent. We must keep recounting the layered trauma of the Trump era, manifesting in policy disasters like COVID-19 bungling. It's the only way to prevent America from ever re-electing such a staggering inept leader again. 

Tune in for our brutally honest admissions about the 2020 PTSD we're all still recovering from. It's tragedy and terror told through our trademark candor and dark humor.