Tuesday, August 31

At the risk of repeating myself....

Because this time he freshest smelling moist-flushable-neocon-wipe of Wall Street said,

"....Obama over-read his mandate in governing too far left."

There are no words, which is why I had to put up the poster again.

Oops I entered Red State's Photoshop Contest

Wonkette has the details.

My 11 yo responds to Glenn Beck

My 11 yo son, who is now a big MSNBC watcher, lol...

"Mom, have we restored honor in America yet?"

So I ask him a couple questions about what Glenn Beck's motives might be for calling it that.

"No, Mom!  We HAVE to restore honor!  We invaded Iraq and they did NOTHING to us!'

Memo to Beck:   Looking for the next George Washington in your youth audience?  Right here.

I was actually going to blog today...

But Driftglass knocked the blogger ball so far out of the park with his (temporary? get there QUICKLY)  blog redesign  I can't outdo that.

Congratulations, Comrade. (Leave comments over there and do check out the "labels." So funny.)

Monday, August 30

TCOT Tweet: JFK would not be a Democrat today.

Careful parsing, there, Nascar Alabama Flag Mom.  But what I hear ya saying is, in your alternate universe, JFK is a Republican.

And I guess that means Marilyn Monroe is a nun.

Friday, August 27

Dangerous Liasons with Arianna Huffington

Hey @KeithOlbermann, can you explain why Arianna is palling around with terrorists?

Via Jim Newell (who will forever be Wonkette to me no matter what) at Gawker, h/t Driftglass:

Arianna Huffington is in Amalfi, Italy, apparently, mixing it up with Newt and Callista Gingrich, mega-entertainment lawyer Allen Grubman and his wife Deborah, and Barbara Walters.

Unfortunately, we have no soundtrack to figure out how this photo came about.  If I wanted to be generous with Arianna, I might infer that to get back at him for DESTROYING AMERICA, Ms. Huffington had walked up to his gathering and suggested that she and the Gingster use their armpits as fuck toys in front of Barbara Walters and Blow Job Queen Wife Number 3 (tm Tengrain).  

Watch this, Barbara!  I'm going to give Newt here a woody using nothing but our armpits!   Betcha that  Elisabeth Hasselbeck can't do this!  What's it like on The View to sit next to that right wing bag of scented tampons?    Whoopi must be in a constant state of upchuck.  Speaking of upchuck, isn't Callista late for the vomitorium?  Uh, I gotta go now!

But I'm not generous with Arianna.  Not a bit.

You'll make me the next Sally Quinn?   Of course you will, Dahlink!
But I must know who does Andrea Mitchell's botox.  

This is not a post about how her blog sucks.  We all get that.  And it's not about her being rich, though she should pay her damn writers.  This is about there being two parties in this world, the haves and the have-nots.  And to these two selfish haves, politics is a show and a game and something to do to 'make your mark' between vacations in sunny Italy.  Fuckwads.

For cavorting with the nation's enemy in the name of celebrity, while pretending to be a progressive, Arianna Antoinette should never be paraded as our spokeswoman.  She should be dragged in a hay cart though the public square and pelted with recalled eggs, the end. 

PS I love how due to this post, Google Ads thinks it would be a good idea to post Newt Gingrich ads on this blog.   Since I've never seen a dime from them, they and he can suck it.

Our Weekly Podcast

Beckapolooza as the Tea Party Sees It.

And if you don't see it this way, you might need those special glasses Driftglass posted a week ago:

Thursday, August 26

Picking up my kids at public school.

Other parent number 1:

Other parent number 2:

Other parent number 3:

Which one is most likely to supervise the getting done of the homework tonight?

It's hard to tell from appearances, or is it?

It absolutely amazes me that religious conservatives go so batshit over people who apparently share so many of the same values.  I'm pretty sure the woman in the Hijab puts her kids before her tattoos, beer, and 'sluts heart me' Tshirt.

But the headscarf is different, so she can't have a church in town?   Because the CHRISTIAN majority is skeered of her?

The Devil loves a distracted Christian.

Sorry, Ken Mehlman, we've known you were gay since at least June 2007

When you were "Miss June" in the Rising Hegemon After Dark "GOP Character Counts" calendar.

Welcome to the real world, Ken.   Perhaps the next sixteen years of your "journey" should be spent on Steps 8 and 9.  And in encouraging the huge number of GOP gay congressional staffers to finally come out with you.

Wednesday, August 25

Sister, sister, oh so fair, why is there blood all over your hair?

My apologies to anonymous commenters

I have to turn off anonymous comments for a bit. I've been spammed every night for over a week and I need to get it to stop.

I'll return to normal settings as soon as possible.

UPDATE:  Turns out the Chinese comment spam is a huge problem for Blogger users these days, and they seem unwilling to fix it.  They do it in the middle of the night, and by the time I get up my statcounter has run over, so I can't find their IP address.  

So I'm turning on comment moderation to stop it here.  You'll have to wait for your comment to appear, but otherwise I have to clean up fifteen spam comments every morning, and that's getting old.

Tuesday, August 24

Uh Oh. Is The Daily Show listening in on our podcasts?

Cuz we played Evil Stupid and Crazy like, weeks ago, and at the six minute mark it looks like they're copying our work, just a little.

But... Nah... I think with Fox it's just the only conclusion you can come to.

Everyone who watches Fox News:

Their second most invested shareholder is Arab and, yeah even I gotta admit, looks like a South Park Terrorist. And Fox and Friends just got caught calling their owner a funder of radical madrassahs. No really:

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The Parent Company Trap
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

h/t Kevin H for the tip.

Monday, August 23

Reframing the Estate Tax

Remember, kids!  It's not the "death tax," it's the "Kardashian tax."

Because instead of inheriting wealth tax-free, they need to be taxed at 121 percent. If there was any justice, they'd be forced to work in a welfare office or Medicaid nursing home, starting at 8 a.m. five days a week (one Sunday a month) until they overcome their addictions (alcohol, cell phone, and attention). And not to give them any more attention, but if you are NOT familiar with the Kardashians, here's a clip from "The Soup" comedy show, which shows clips of "reality" shows and makes fun.

Salon is taking a hiatus...unless

...you want to show up.

http://tinychat.com/bluegal is the link, but I've got to take some weeks off due to start of school and scheduled meetings.    I have no problem with anyone using the "room" to meet anyway.  xoxo

I'm also going to make an effort to visit the Kink On Tap chat room on Sundays at 8 Eastern.  That's political issue oriented chat but it's a fun group.

Saturday, August 21

And I quote: My 11yo reports on his first day of Middle School:

"There I was,
surrounded by ninjas...."

The rest of the story involved forming and leading an army, exploding helicopters, and something called "Spanish Class," which, I assume, is secret code.

Friday, August 20

The Professional Left Podcast for August 20

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Thursday, August 19

"Rudy Guiliani has an illusion...

... and you have reality. May you find your way as pleasant."

Original quote from here, inspiration from Driftglass.

PS.  Since when has the GOVERNMENT given away LAND to a CHURCH to give the WINGNUTS happy pants?    I'd ask Rudy to not be an idiot, but really.  

Wednesday, August 18

Ya know, sometimes things really do work out for the best.

It's probably for the best that World Net Daily dis-invited Ann Coulter from attending their "Take Back America" Conference because she's appealing to her tranny base by speaking at GOProud's "Homocon" (and before you attack me for insensitivity to cross-gender persons remember, they're Republicans, plus check out their poster):

HOMOcon?!?   The right wing Judy Garland?   Honestly, Hugh Hewett, how self-hating can one boy be?  Hilarious that the WND Tea Party Cruise facebook page calls her "Ann Coulture" -- that's what the blond Republican cross-dressers call their high fashion, too!

Ann's argument is basically, hey their money's green.  But we knew her bony ass never gave a shit about anything but attention and money and now she gets a twofer.

But it's for the best.  The Gay Republican group gets Ann, and the homophobic group gets Tom Tancredo.  Imagine the eye bleach we'd all need if it was the other way around.

UPDATE:  Aw hell I just hadda do it.

PS. Liberals can't afford one radio network, let alone double occupancy for six days on a boat, But WND conservatives (I presume they are wealth producers who have a few more months of Bush Tax Cuts to spend) can  follow up the World Net Daily Coulterless Conference with a "Tea Party at Sea" cruise, which would be Dante's sixth circle of hell except I guess the cute Panamanian sheet changer staff on board will be putting on their sad face--Hewitt isn't coming.

Tuesday, August 17

Thought for the day

The Devil loves a distracted Christian.

It occurs to me that two things these days distract those of us who claim to follow Jesus with actually working on the whole "Love God, Love your neighbor" thing.

Fear -- Islam is terrorism and that's bigger than God.

and Loathing -- I have to find a way to convince myself I'm a good person while still hating my brother.

Same as it ever was.

And Eric Cantor and the rest of the apologists, who say "well, of course, they have rights but not if it makes the white American pretending-to-be-a majority uncomfortable."  "Polls say they can't do THAT on their private property."  Rush Limbaugh, it's not that all of a sudden liberals care about private property it's that all of a sudden you DON'T.

We are living in an age where we the comfortable are being outed and afflicted and called to live up to our own ideals.

Same as it ever was.

It should give us all hope.    We don't need to stand aghast so much as stand strong.

Monday, August 16

Per @JoanWalsh, Harry Reid is a tower of Jell-O


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If you know of any other progressive podcasts (independent preferred, but not required) please let us know over at this Kos Diary.  If there are enough and it's worth the time and space to do so, we may put a podcast blogroll up at the Professional Left website.

And if you will, please recommend the diary as well.  Thanks very much.

Saturday, August 14

Dr. Laura Sclessinger's very own stupid thing.

Story from here. I found it fascinating that she said she was being "NAACP'd" instead of "Breitbarted."

Friday, August 13

Our Weekly Podcast Is Now Called "The Professional Left!"

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Thursday, August 12

Our podcast gets a new name...

Originally uploaded by driftglass00
Watch this space tomorrow for our re-launch. The Professional Left! Thank you Robert Gibbs!

Driftglass  looks eerily like Jean Reno, and is actually exactly that much taller than I am.

And he did that HILarious photoshop.

New website is http://professionalleft.blogspot.com, email is proleftpodcast AT gmail DOT com. Can't believe we grabbed that blogspot name before someone else got it. The old websites still work.....

Wednesday, August 11

Meanie-shop workshop

In an earlier podcast I asked aloud if the current Mrs. Gingrich should be part of our political debate.

Then after we all read the lovely profile via wife number two in Esquire, I found out that Mock, Paper, Scissors calls her "Blow Job Queen Wife #3" and I said, aw heck, nevermind.

That's not quite it. Maybe a Blingee:


Sometimes a cigar is a hypocritical double-standard IOKIYAR right wing ahole. But still not quite right....

Boom. Here it is:

Cuz we wouldn't be happy if Kucinich were President.

For those family members who haven't seen it and don't know the background, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs complained yesterday that the "professional Left" would only be happy with Canadian Healthcare and would complain if Dennis Kucinich was President. See here:

Wow, that Robert Gibbs won the "Mensa reject of the week award" for reminding us about that. I didn't think anyone could bump Rahm's place in line for the White House Official who should be fired first.

So which is it, are we too bitchy or Obamabots? Peanut butter? Chocolate? you got your Obamabots in my bitchy bloggers!

I believe the word I'm searching for is, WTF?!?

h/t Mickey Finn

Tuesday, August 10

Tuesday Song

I'm very busy today, and while I'm launching kids to camp and getting this place in some shape, I'll be cheering myself with this ditty. Have a good one. More blogging laters.

Monday, August 9

Gay marriage is good for kids.

Just like any other marriage that's happy and supportive.

And besides, gay or straight, your kids will resent you and rebel no matter WHO you are married to.

I had to laugh at Tony Perkins because as he was spouting off I realized that on the "parents mess up their kids' lives" motif:

Both "sides" do it.

I never thought I'd actually have a use for that phrase.

Salon at 9 Eastern tonight. I promise to be there at the beginning...life is crazy this week. xo

Sunday, August 8

Sweet Jesus, I hate Newt Gingrich.

Did you need something else on that? Because if I start enumerating his hypocrisies in my head, I'll never stop throwing up.

Friday, August 6

Our Weekly Podcast

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Thursday, August 5

Happy Birthday, @LizzWinstead!

This post was originally written for another amazing woman, but it fits Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show and let's face it, Goddess, just as well. - bg

I wanted to make a blog cake for Lizz Winstead. I knew trying to slice a cake on the internet would get really messy, and would interrupt my morning Scotch, so I went with cupcakes, and of course they had to be Hello Kitty cupcakes, cuz they're so fucking cute.

I searched on Google for Hello Kitty cupcake ideas and holy shit I could have taken the whole morning just to browse the endless stream of freakish Asian cute sugar overload. 210,000 hits in .24 seconds? Fuck me. And even if you're making these for a three year old, get over it: every one of them looked like shit. We have lots of Hello Kitty items cluttering up my fucking house, so I cut out a Hello Kitty (head only, DECAPITATION, PERFECT!) from my Hello, Kitty! social events calendar, fuck you very much. I tried to find one that was the size of a muffin-size cake top, so I could just paste it on a vending machine muffin, but I failed, so I dug out the Hello Kitty Shrinky Dinks kit and baked one in my Hello Kitty toaster oven, too small to stick my head in, but whatever.

One website suggested I purchase white fondant (Sure.), roll this out and with a sharp knife cut 39 (forever, Lizz!) Hello Kitty heads out. They also suggested I use mini M&M's (split in half to get the oblong shape, beyotch) for the eyes and nose. I am also supposed to dye some of the fondant pink and use a flower shape cutter to put by her ear. For the centre of the flower, I'm supposed to have 39 yellow mini M&Ms available, fucking A!

After assembling these, I am to wake up and realize I had spent two hours with mother fucking FONDANT. What the hell was I thinking? So then I made the cupcakes (just basic chocolate cake mix, because hey, why go over the top at this point?) and iced them with canned icing, dyed pink from the blood streaming from my eyes. I put my imaginary fondant Hello Kitty heads on top of the cupcakes, and finally gave up and just used Sharpie pen for the whiskers, because, fuck it.

They looked like shit and because of the Sharpie Pen, school paste, and blood they were completely inedible. I had to set fire to them, but that made them look like a kind of cool art installation, you know, Hello Kitty Cupcakes of Death. Perfect!

Hello Kitty cupcakes of death

Happy Birthday Lizz. Those of you who want to wish her a happy birthday should retweet this post, because the real Governor of Illinois is Blogho.

Wednesday, August 4

The GOP is absolutely right.

Obamacare*** is way too complicated. Their flow chart/argument.

We SHOULD make it simple for the people:

***Anyone who calls it "Obamacare" is a propagandist who is fucking with you. Five years from now those same people will be screaming about any cuts to the same exact program.

Also, the argument that 'bills are bad because they are long' is a sure sign that the speaker thinks you are an idiot. They never, ever, complain that the Pentagon is complicated.

Inspired by the first comment at this post from Maddow.

Tuesday, August 3

Four Horsemen? Really?

No matter what any of them say, the guy on the right is NOT REAGAN.

No one but they can kill supply side economics. But why should we believe they'll do it this time? Bush41 was happy to trade his voodoo economics warnings for power.

It's a nice article David Stockman, but it's like writing a eulogy twenty-five years after the "deceased" turned into a disease-ridden zombie and gave the plague to everyone in the entire industrialized world, the end.

Brief (and late) knitting post

Sorry to have missed Salon tonight, folks.

So I'm swatching (sample knitting to make sure the yarn is the right fit for a project) for the s.o. I'm musing and knitting and holding the sample out at arms length, etc...He's sitting next to me....

Me (meditatively) "I just want to make sure your sweater doesn't look too, you know, "Emo."


And it was then I sang to him for the fortieth time..."Pardon me, I didn't knit that for you."

Monday, August 2

A song for David Stockman

And the rest of the Republicans looking back to the glory days when their party knew the value of a dollar? Really?

Too Little, Too Late.

Though that column does give yet another out to Bush 41 Republicans to Support Obama As The Voice Of Sanity through another election cycle.

Sunday, August 1

Somebody get this man an agent!

So good, they autotuned him (and stick around for the Michael Bolton version-- gag me!)

2.7 million hits on the first video? Good god, I think we just met Sarah Palin's running mate.

Why Does the GOP think we won't NOTICE

...that they are freaking out about the deficit while pushing for MORE TAX CUTS for their rich friends?

I can't understand why they think we're that stupid...