Sunday, August 8

Sweet Jesus, I hate Newt Gingrich.

Did you need something else on that? Because if I start enumerating his hypocrisies in my head, I'll never stop throwing up.


  1. My advice...just don't marry the guy...get a terminal illness, and stuff like that.

    A more sorry ass human being 'ner walked the planet.

  2. I love his accusation that the name "Cordoba House" for the not-at-Ground-Zero-not-a-mosque demonstrated Muslim "contempt for Americans and their confidence in our historic ignorance." It's a testament to how well he knows his (historically ignorant) audience that they wouldn't do a moment of research to find out that--as usual--he's full of s#!t.

    What a sleaze...

  3. All I can say is - than k GOD he is not canadians.


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