Tuesday, August 3

Four Horsemen? Really?

No matter what any of them say, the guy on the right is NOT REAGAN.

No one but they can kill supply side economics. But why should we believe they'll do it this time? Bush41 was happy to trade his voodoo economics warnings for power.

It's a nice article David Stockman, but it's like writing a eulogy twenty-five years after the "deceased" turned into a disease-ridden zombie and gave the plague to everyone in the entire industrialized world, the end.


  1. You shoulda photoshoped St. Ronnie's head onto the guy on the right.

  2. To look at the economic disaster that encircles us, and blame conservative economic policies is complete folly...............or delusional wishful thinking.

  3. Yeah. And I don't trust that fucker *at all*. He's surely got some kind of sick-fuck right-wing agenda going on.


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