Wednesday, August 11

Meanie-shop workshop

In an earlier podcast I asked aloud if the current Mrs. Gingrich should be part of our political debate.

Then after we all read the lovely profile via wife number two in Esquire, I found out that Mock, Paper, Scissors calls her "Blow Job Queen Wife #3" and I said, aw heck, nevermind.

That's not quite it. Maybe a Blingee:


Sometimes a cigar is a hypocritical double-standard IOKIYAR right wing ahole. But still not quite right....

Boom. Here it is:


  1. Number 3, she comes from good stock...durable, compliant, and machine-washable.


  2. Thanks for the linky-luv.

    MPS wonders about Newt wanting a Chevy, and then remembers their old slogan, Like a Rock, and , well, whatevs.

    Anyway, Calista is always a lady with kneepads that match her suit.



  3. Do you feel any shame at all for putting that image into my head?


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